Monday, October 20, 2014

Tough Mini

My obsession with plaid skirts, stemmed somewhere between Catholic School uniforms and moving to NYC, where I quickly realized the power of mixing and matching, consequently learning that plaid is always the most solid option. Bomber jackets are totally new for me, and I 'ain't' mad about it.

Now, back to the grind, back to réalité, as it were. Getting by, just fine. Comfort at it's finest.

After a pretty amazing and relaxing weekend, it's been a slow moving Monday to say the least. Karen Carpenter, said it best; rainy days and Mondays, will always prove to be problematic for me. Fact. Every Monday morning always begins so ardently, if I could purchase coffee intravenously, I would. Sometimes, it's hard to get your bearings, to start the week off properly. Taking it easy, is a little new for me. Stepping away from work, forgetting to take my phone with me, resisting the urge to check and respond to every single Email. It was pretty blissful, just what I needed.
Wearing: Urban Outfitters Top (try this!), Aritzia Jacket, See U Soon Mini, Timberland Boots.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Boyfriend Coat

My first seasonal stakeout, was this Boyfriend Coat from Missguided. I had my eye on this coat, when I was still sipping Summer cocktails, and knew I'd be able to wear it endlessly all Fall/Winter long. Last season was so intense in NYC, that this time around, I'm fully prepared with all the necessary outerwear - all of it. 

Counting down until I can live in all the classic Winter Wardrobe Essentials; 
 beginning with boyfriend coats - the boxier the better, if I could get my hands on a literal 'boyfriends' coat I would - oversized knits, and strictly leather pants. On alternate days, when leather pants seem less suitable, some ripped up denim, does just the trick.

Peep below to shop some of the Boyfriend Coats I'm currently lusting after! 

Wearing: Missguided CoatBodysuit, and ShoesTopshop Jeans.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Knit Shrug

The end of Summer, to me, means one thing. Finally, the ability to break out my leather(s) and hit the town running in some oversized knits, boyfriend flannels (literally), and all the black suede booties a girl can possibly keep inside one pre-war apartment.

Fall in the city, 
is really extraordinary. When I look back to all my favorite memories since I've moved here, most of them took place sometime during the Fall; Sundays in Central Park with the NYT Crossword, a long stroll to Bushwick with Rob and a coffee, dinners on the roof under lights, with blankets, spiked hot cider on the stove, friends over - you get the memento.

Now that the weathers made the total shift, I'm beyond excited about hot ciders, leather pants, cozy sweaters, and for once - changing up my hair and make-up. For a girl like me who's been doing the same beauty routine since, well, practically the day I first started wearing make-up, taking the time to try new techniques is pretty exciting. I've been relying on wash-and-go curls and a faux undercut all Summer long, and thanks to Candice, am now able to throw on a cat-eye for some effect. A little shimmer goes a long way, so does being open to trying new things. I, for one, can't wait to go for it this Fall. What about you guys?

Wearing: Missguided Sweater and Shoes, Ella Moss Tank (try this!), H&M Leather Pants (try these!)

Photos by Rob McCurdy

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fashion Fundamentals

Print mixing is one of my favorite weapons of style. I love the idea of pairing polka dots with plaids, florals with stripes, or even a coupling of different abstract prints gets me going. There's something so chic, so individually earnest about being brazen enough to mix prints, to think outside the box, and get rid of the idea that color stories have to be complimentary. 

Everything is complimentary, if you call it so.

The kind of woman who matches her bra to her blouse, her blouse to her lipstick, her lipstick to her polish; this will never be me. I'd rather mix it all up, wear alternative pops of color to add some edge, and feel playful in prints or unlikely textures, rather than be stifled by the status quo; what is that anyway?

 'Left of Center', 
has been a phrase I've heard so  much recently, and it's really stuck with me. The idea of the rule being that there is none; this pertaining to everything from how we dress to the kind of music we listen to. Where we travel, how we as a society choose to live; eccentrically, originally, with character. The impression that individuality in wardrobe, is just as compelling as telling the world who you are without saying a word. 

Your wardrobe - like your attitude - speaks volumes. And, sometimes, what's fundamentally 'fashionable', is to just be you. Fuzzy sweater, faux under-cut, a pair of work-boots and all. 
Wearing: Missguided Skirt, Urban Outfitters Sweater (try this!), Timberland Boots.

Photos by Rob McCurdy

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shirtdress Madness

I'm totally new to wearing shirtdresses. So new, that I still feel somewhat like I'm just waltzing around wearing no pants, and have to remind myself that this is perfectly acceptable ensemble-behavior for Fall.

At first, I wasn't exactly sure how to wear shirtdresses; to layer under a chunky knit or not, to pair with my moto leather jacket or how about with an oversized bomber instead? The opportunities for such an elevated basic, are endless. So, whenever I'm stumped on how-to style something up, I take to the interwebz and search for a little inspiration.

In my search over the weekend, 
I found a seriously cool new fashion inspiration app, that has everything from runway trends to styles created by it's community. If you want to peep what some international trendsetters are wearing, is the place to start! The coup de grace? You can peep the latest trends, discover new fashion,  and then make the purchase! Seeing where to buy the items is so key for me, in times like these. To think, you're just one click away from that new shirtdress or cozy knit you've been keeping on your wish list.

Join me now on WEAR, and let's keep up with each other's styles! If you sign up now, you'll also be entered for a chance to be featured in Nylon Magazine! 
Wearing: Aritzia Shirtdress, DEX Sweater, French Connection Bag, Forever21 Shoes.



Now that Summer is over (…gasp, I said it), my focus has shifted to total and complete closet (and apartment!) renovation. I've recently gone through my closet and have made more than a plentiful amount of changes. Nothing left besides the items I love, what I couldn't live without - moto leather jacket, denim bell's, chunky knits - and mostly left are the things I realize I should've been wearing this whole time. Enter my repurposed Adidas Originals, a recent match made in heaven for my pleated mini/cropped sweater Fall uniform.

When I think about Fall in the city, I think walks with spiked spiced hot tea, reading more Anna Quindlen on my fire escape, and the rebirth of my leather-on-leather look for every day. 

Now, after this weekend, I think about other things essential for Fall, like the new MICA bracelet engineered by Intel and designed by Opening Ceremony. MICA, my intelligent communication accessory, is not only wearable tech, but in my opinion, wearable art. Between lapis stones from Madagascar, to obsidian from Russia, the MICA bracelet has a girl counting down until it's official store release date, mid-November.

Check out more information on MICA now!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Baby Spice

Sometimes a girls gotta get her Baby Spice on, am I right?

There's nothing like playing around with your hair and makeup. The quintessential "I'm a grown up" tactic of my childhood, I'd spend hours in my moms make-up case, putting on lipstick and pretending to put on mascara. I'd go through all my mom's old costume jewelry from the 80's - she let me think I was Madonna; one brooch after another, strands of pearls, the most unbelievable clip-on earrings I'd ever seen. It was perfect.

And for me, this two-bun situation, sparks up some serious nostalgia, instantly reminding me of what it used to feel like to play dress up, to be carefree, to have a some old-fashioned f-u-n. I'm not one to change up my look that often, admittedly am a creature of habit and have been rocking the never-before-dyed dark brown hair forever (quite literally). I've also never changed up my beauty routine all that much since, well, I started wearing makeup. Lately, I've been a little tired of the 'same-old-ish-different-day', and decided to make some changes, starting with my day-to-day beauty grind. 

Starting with these two-buns, a matching set, and some cons.
Want to rock a two-bun too? Or maybe you're an eyebrow girl like me and want to learn how to find the perfect arch! Stay tuned for an entire series of my beauty secrets! The Under $100, Under 10 minutes, Wear from Work to Weekend kind of beauty secrets! 
Wearing: Bar III Matching Set and Converse Sneakers

Beauty by L.Be at Authentic. Present. Brave

Photos by Rob McCurdy

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Falling for Fall

I know I complained and griped about summer coming to an end, but let's be real, fall is the 'ish. 

I love seeing the seasons change and equally important is the excuse, aka need, for a whole new wardrobe revamp. Thick knit sweaters, chunky boots, leather pants, midi skirts, jumpsuits, vests, hats, layers on layers, crimson lips, dark nails... wait, am I rambling?! 

Unfortunately the days of back-to-school shopping are gone for most if not all of us, but that's no reason to get all emo and think about the fact that we're getting older. Let's instead choose to remember how stressful it used to be to pick the best scented markers and how fun it was to bum-rush the mall for a week picking out your favorite duds you couldn't wait to show off.

In honor of laying out your first outfit of the season (I know, I'm a little late here), below are some of the favorites I can't wait to call mine. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Kind of Oxford

The oxford craze, is hardly new, but it's making waves (in my closet) that I never anticipated.

There's no getting around classics. The LBD, a trench, the ballet flat. I don't think there's anyone in the world who would say that a plain white tee and a pair of blue jeans wasn't cool.  Which all brings me to the oxford; a staple for every wardrobe, regardless of if you're teetering on grunge, glam, or both.
Wearing: LOFT Top, Dex Plaid, Zara Jeans, Urban Outfitters Shoes.

Photos by Stacey Belko.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Slip Dress

Moody Thursday Vibes.

Lately, I've been feeling a little as if my life has been operating fully, under a full moon. So many moving parts, every day bringing new excitement, surprises that rock my world a little, days that I swear last more than 24 hours. It might be the unofficial shift in season, or maybe the fact that I've been burning the candle from both ends lately, but as good as it feels to be busy, the day-to-day can get a little, well.. frenzied.

Sometimes it's nice to take a breath, write in a journal, listen to some Joanna Newsom, and light up sage to take care of the rest. Quiet moments around my neighborhood, is what keeps me sane and grounded. When my schedule is filled from top to bottom, life throws a curveball my way that I don't feel ready for, it helps to find consolation in the place I've come to call home. Is it a matter of fact that when you feel frazzled, you gravitate towards the things in life that bring you most love or understanding? I think so. I also think that I tend to draw near what I feel most comfortable in. A slip dress might not deter the full moon looming, but it sure feels like it does. Simple does it, and so it goes.
Wearing: Topshop Top, LuLus Slip Dress, Keds Sneakers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

as seen on NYLON

Alright, here it is… I wait with bated breath every Tuesday night, to eat take-out, have a glass of red, and watch Pretty Little Liars with my neighborhood besties. It's an addiction that began a few season ago, during one rainy New York Fashion Week, with Stacey Belko. To this day, although separated by a few Eastern states, Stacey and I will text each other minute-by-minute during a new episode of PLL. If you haven't caught on, you should. Even the boyf, will watch, even though he won't fully admit it.

So, when I found out that Lucy Hale, was collaborating with Hollister,
 to bring us some seriously awesome California style layering options, I was instantly excited to jump on board with my friends at Nylon to style up a few of my favorites from the collection. Even though I'm a tried-and-true New York girl, I can never resist casual, chic Cali-style layers; in fact, if I could live in them, I would one thousand percent opt to. Oh, and did I mention that the entire collection is all under $50 now at Hollister?! Score it.

See the full feature here!
Shot by Michael Dumler of On Abbot Kinney

Monday, September 15, 2014

Littlest Black Dress

Throw on and go.

Every morning, my main concern after coffee and a quick read, is the immediate thought of what to wear. Before I start perusing my closet for this black t-shirt, that little black dress, or those black leather shorts, my main concern is always to choose whatever I'll feel most comfortable in. There's no recipe for picking the perfect outfit and it shouldn't take you an hour to pick out what to wear. What do you want to spend you day in? How do you want to show up?

For me, little black dresses, are the quintessential wardrobe dime-piece. 
Wearing: Express Dress, RL Denim and Supply Flannel, Timberland Boots.

Beauty by L.Be at Authentic. Present. Brave