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Biolage 3 Butter Control System

I don't feel very much like the same girl who used to shy away from fresh rain falling from the sky, taking a skinny dip in the lake after midnight, or having an impromptu shower under the stars but I haven't always been so willing to 

Somewhere between racing to the market from the subway, shifting bric-a-brac throughout my new home, and chasing adventure in the city every weekend I can, I'd forgotten how long it's been since I first started setting my curls free and keeping them out of the line of fire. 

There was a time, many moons ago, when I'd cringe at the sight of any frizz and spend hours flat-ironing my curls into oblivion. It wasn't until years later, when someone I really believed, and
told me I looked most beautiful in the morning bare-faced, with sweaty post-yoga hair. Soon after I started to feel beautiful while being the most natural. Accepting my curls, the ones I'd usually try to hide under hats, twist into a top knot after they let loose at the gym, and would wake up (extra) early to tame, really meant accepting my self

I hadn't been ready to brace the world with natural hair since I was in high school, but this type of comfort, felt like I'd finally figured out how I wanted to move through the world and
what I wanted to look like, while doing it. Since every new day brings about a different curl, my recipe for control and how I save time styling, is mainly by investing in keeping my hair as nourished and hydrated as possible. Thanks to the new Biolage 3 Butter Control System including a shampoo, conditioner, day cream, and overnight mask, my curls are coming back to life, feeling softer than ever. Made with key ingredients Shea, cupuacu and murmur butters, my new go-to for a more manageable mane is the overnight mask, which I sometimes leave in all day. 

I'm excited to share that I will be giving away a full set of the product to one lucky winner! All you need to do is comment below on why you need a #recipeforcontrol for your chance to win. Include your Instagram handle in the comment so I can reach out if you are selected! I'll be randomly selecting one lucky winner on August 18th. Good Luck!

This post has been brought to you courtesy of Biolage. Photos thanks to Lauren Gould and Emma Jane Kepley. Wearing Urban Outfitters Jeans and Bag, Spring Shoes.

The Type

Racing to the market from the subway
heart mended, lips raw and wordless, hands still sticky from all the nectarines.
Only teaching on Tuesdays,
bookworming in pajamas fresh from the washer each morning.

The kind of woman who shifts bric-a-brac throughout her home, while
floating tirelessly above the baseboards. Trinkets, glittering, match the place-setting’s always reserved for guests, unintended.  
Embroidered pillows delicately rest against ruffled bedding, curtain-less windows left open;

there are no neighbors here.

Paintings of landscapes hung unevenly like the nametag worn home from work. Statues of goddesses adorned with rosaries and sweet water. Books worn to spine, too heavy for the shelf to hold they are amongst
the only things
scattered everywhere; one to help even the kitchen table, others lost between papers or postcards of lovers past. Ceramic tea cups left empty with ashes or coffee turned to stone. One last leftover gone uneaten. There are no clean sheets for the bed. Polish chipped and hands hardened from all the dishes, the digging, the devotion
heels calloused from all the blocks you have walked.
Bathtub, flooded and a refrigerator that has lost all it’s cold air.
You do not rise each morning able to give.
Jazz, your journal, and hot bathing until you prune. White china drying early morning, besides the chrysanthemums;
everything is shining and awakened by the sun.

Know you are the type of woman who is searching for a place to call yours.
Let the statues crumble.
You have always been the place.
You are a woman who can build it yourself

You were born to build.

Remember what it feels like
of connection.
Everything that you need to be happy is here, right now.

 Featuring Urban Outfitters Fringe Duvet Set, Embroidered Pillow, Tassel Pillow, Bag. Wearing 7 For All Mankind Jacket. Photographed by @ShotByJessica.

Home is in Your Bones

The truth is life is changing all around me. I haven't lived one day the same in months and have been purposely on the road, fiercely protective of my freedom, learning to love myself again, and again,
and againSomething about never-really-ever being sure but having enough faith in yourself and in owing your truth, that will equally never-really-ever leave you empty-hearted. 
My sorrows can be kept in the beehive hair full of secrets that Erin and Alex hold for me, and chronicled at a much later time.  Right now, 
it's about the understanding that life is bred through change. Learning to 
exhale, as my wings stretch further than I, at first, feel comfortable to admit. Aware of a particular strength inherent to my backbone, passed down to me by the women in my family who I watched turn foreign land into home. This time, I am creating a space that I enjoy breathing in. An apartment here or cabin there. What has never failed me is the home I seek 
then find within myself. The home I find in my friends and the memories we never shy away from. The roadmap to adventure I can hear when it's quiet enough. The answers, of course, that are always there in the 
palm of my hand. 

I take small leaps to uncover big truths. Leaps of intuition, of forgiveness, and trust. Trusting in my own power and remembering to be grateful for all the love we're being given. 

Just like a sunbeam can't separate itself from the sun, and a wave can't separate itself from the ocean, we can't separate ourselves from one another.
We are all apart of a vast sea of love, one indivisible divine mind.

Angels to the left of me and angels to the right.

Photos by @ShotbyJessica. Brought to you by Urban Outfitters featuring ceramics by Brian Giniewski, Impossible x UO Polaroid Camera, Embroidered Pillow, Hanging Planter similar here, Vintage Surplus Pant,  Crap Eyewear similar here. Soundtrack Vibes here. Snacks ℅ Whole Foods Hi to Amanda, Landon, Lauren, Jamal, Jennifer, and Jorge, Love you's!

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