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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations
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Lala Land

“This is a cardinal Ya-Ya rule: you must meet each person's eyes while clinking glasses in a toast.

“This is a cardinal Ya-Ya rule: you must meet each person's eyes while clinking glasses in a toast. Otherwise, the ritual has no meaning, it's just pure show. And that is something the Ya-Yas are not.” 

Wearing Lord and Taylor Ruffle Top / Band of Gypsies Dress / Sam Edelman Sandals / Superga Sneakers / Boohoo Swimsuit / Krewe du Optic Sunglasses Shot by Lauren Gould 

Our Neighborhood feat. American Eagle

Life, a lot like brunch, is so much better with friends. Recently, Lauren, Cheralee and I, along with Scott Brasher, took American Eagle for a stroll around our beloved Brooklyn; the places where we can hideaway to chit-chat about nothing or everything - life, love, work all gone rogue - you'd better believe that a place to spill all the secrets is only a speed dial away. How many times can you honestly say, you've SOS'd a friend and they've known exactly where to meet you. To share a (bottle of) wine, eat an entire pizza, and remind you how fierce a (girl)friend and woman, you really, really are. Be sure to share your #AEOStyle with us.

Marie Claire x Timberland

I've thought a few times this year about what my Modern Trail means to me; some days it means chasing adventure, running freely toward change and never really looking back. Because looking back means regret and I wouldn't want to waste what I have, in this moment,
today or
Besides, a girl who's properly on-the-run, knows that running free comes with a high price and it sometimes means learning to let go. To me, it means staying resilient and remembering that the sky is always blue

and it ain't a ceiling, at all.

It's possible that chasing my modern trail, really just means setting out to find some things that I already have. Isn't that how it goes? Home, a lot like love, or trying on new jeans is a feeling. And it's always, all-ways just about the feeling, after all.

Go grab Marie Claire's April issue, to keep up with my Modern Trail with Timberland and 
get to coloring!

Share your artwork @marieclairemag using #Timberland and #ModernTrail.

Also featuring Caswell Sandals and the Danforth Wedge.

Wearing Exclusively Timberland for Marie Claire.
Photographer: Amanda Pratt
Stylist: Laura Michael
Makeup: Willow Mayor
Illustration by Samantha Hahn

Another Day

I’ve been at home, nesting. What for, I’m unsure. But there’s something about sitting alone, eating a chocolate, and sharing a bottle of wine with myself that just feels really good. I write in my journal, wake up when I want - which is early, by the way. I don’t know what happened to me, I used to live for sleeping in, depending who it was with. I spent an entire year, pretending to sleep past ten; nothing could pull me out of that bed. Mornings like those are dangerous, but they really are the best, aren’t they?

Except, even though I'd rather chill, for real
I don't know how you feel. . . 

The Letter

Dear Andre,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. As for myself, I'm doing pretty well.

And, P.S.

With or without you, I can't get enough.

That's why you're my favorite stuff.
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