Friday, April 24, 2015


There's nothing quite like getting your top-knot or double bun right. And, thank god for me an unkempt top-knot is on trend, because I have virtually no idea how to do my hair, am overwhelmed most days by frizz, and don't want to fuss over getting most things - in my life - entirely perfect.

Messy hair is okay.
A messy day, is too.
A messy night,
that too.

It happens. A little imperfection does the soul some justice. So let it rock - unruly, unkempt, fly aways won't ruin your day. . . 

I've never dyed my hair, but between all the flat ironing, blow drying, and curling, it's nice to keep things natural, let the curls loose, live a little, and throw it all up in a bun when #ICantEven.

If my hair could talk, it would suggest, "Bitch, you have tried me for the last time." 

If your hair would say the same to you, it's probably time to stop all the (over)processing, step away from the straightener, and put down the hot tools.
Hair by L.Be at Authentic. Present. Brave

Monday, April 20, 2015


Recently, I spent some time at home, on Long Island, with my mom and sister, doing all the things I rarely get to do in Brooklyn, like sneak off to the beach late at night, stroll around Huntington village, go shoe shopping with my mom, argue with my sister about who gets to drive, yell over the car-radio to each other, "Are you hungry? I'm hungry", "OMG, you missed the turn, will you just let me drive".

If you've moved away from your childhood home, you can understand how weird it sometimes feels to get back into the groove of your family dynamic. Spending time at home, usually makes me realize that  life doesn't only happen when you're in it. My siblings are growing so fast I can barely keep up! My parents weekends are significantly busier than mine. My cousins are getting married.  But, once I get settled, it's always the best feeling to let my hair down, go for a run around the neighborhood, wake up to some yoga and a huge cup of iced coffee - seriously, the iced coffee proportions here are enormous and approximately half the price - and spend some QT with my family or with myself. I spent so much time alone, that I for the first time this year, wrote in my journal, - fine, I've been watching too much Bridget Jones - took a trip to my local bookstore with a FiveStarbucks chai in hand, and the best part of all. . . 
My phone
has been

Oh, what a feeling.

In fact, there are a lot of things about being home, that I'm only learning I really love and perhaps took for granted, like;
how bad-ass my mom is, seriously how did she do it working like a boss and raising us girls to be the same? Talk about a superwoman, I definitely know where I get my Tied to the Moon, kick the day's ass and take names later, attitude from. 
My sister, who, although younger than me is so much cooler, way fiercer, and even though she will never admit, is surprisingly sarcastic, with an impeccable quick-wit (just like her older sister, right Steph?). 
I'm also realizing, how essential little rituals at home mean to me. Mornings at the beach, coffee talk with best friends from high school, belting out some Alanis Morissette… too much?

Now, back to the grind. Back to my Brooklyn Fam

Monday's, don'tcha know.
Wearing: Madewell Jacket, Zara Denim, ASOS Heels.

Shot by Cheralee Lyle

Friday, April 17, 2015

Just Workin' On My Fitness

Well, Spring, has me feelin' some type of way. 

The second the weather starts to warm up, all  can think about is shedding all my layers. The ones I wear all Winter long, that weigh me down; you know, all the faux (fur). 

It's been one long season, full of change, full of life - the kind of living you can't plan for but know you don't want to miss out on. I wish I could bundle all the memories from this year, put them in a (heart shaped) lockbox, and keep them with me forever. All the love, all the heartbreak, every triumph, every good idea, and even every bad one.  All the imperfections - perfectly belonged to me. I don't know if it's the heat, all the running, yoga-ing, meditating, or writing, but I am so ready to run towards the sun, to feel free, and to be
tied to the moon
or at least tied to

Want to join forces and go on some Daily Adventures together? Yoga? Waking up to catch the sun and run the track? Maybe you're like me, and you go for a run to make up for all the brunch and booze. Show me what your daily grind looks like and you'll automatically be entered to win prizes ranging from free shoes to travel vouchers! #MyDailyAdventure 
at checkout for a discount!

Don't hold back, shoes really can help you conquer it all.
Wearing: ALO Yoga & Rockport Sneakers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Heart on Sleeve

Sometimes, I sit here and no words come to me at all. 

Other times, I sit here, betrothed to keeping it one-hundred, the words are there, but I'm too afraid to let them out. So, we go within. We hold back. We don't say what we feel, because we are afraid. 

If you're anything like I am, you're probably a twenty-something (emphasis on the something, these days), trying to figure out what the hell it is that you are actually doing in this lifetime. Chronically overspending on rent, paying off student loans, all the booze, all the food, all the clothes and experiences that you can cram into a busy, city-dwelling life. I'd say, most of the time, it's worth it to splurge on what makes you feel really good. And, I'm not just talking about buying the damn shoes, or taking a last minute trip across the country (oops, did I do that?). I mean, living with no fucks conviction, 

Recently, I've really been feeling the change. As if navigating your mid-twenties in New York City, isn't enough of a test, sometimes life throws you...a few lemons. Well, this bitch, will take all your damn lemons, add a little mint, a whole lot of gin and turn them into Lemon-Wine spritzers. Yet, with all the brazen I was born with, this very same girl who can take a lemon or two without batting a lash, can still feel a little melancholy, a little 'in the seams'. So herein, my open letter of love to you, whoever you are, wherever you are, reading this.

Keep your heart open. Even when something or someone makes you want to keep it caged.

After all,
If you don't take a chance, you don't have one. Right?

And, that's all I have to say - for now - about that.
Coat by ASOS

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hi, My Name is…{Gene Simmons}

First things first,
whenever I wear these boots, I feel like Gene Simmons and basically cannot be f*cked with.

Who knew that so much power lied in a shoe. 

The difference between feeling frumpy while running around town in wedges (exclusions do apply) or like an elementary school version of myself in flats, all remains in the platform.

Want to see how I wore this skirt during the hottest NYC Summer? 
Wearing: Urban Outfitters Sweater, Vintage Jacket (try this!), Topshop Skirt, Missguided Boots.

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg

Monday, April 6, 2015

Knot Over You

What's the best thing a girl can do, when she's in the middle of it all, besides twist her hair up into a top knot, throw on some jeans that will always fit, put on her best pair of stompin' boots - made for walkin' - and call it an #OOTD.

I don't remember the last time I wore my hair half-up/half-down, or consequently the last time I felt this "G", but dang; I think it's about time I started thinking a little
more left
of center.

Now, onto the other stuff, the 'middle of it all',
medias res,

It's been the longest Winter. 
One of transition, growth, and editing a lot more than just my closet. Do you know what it feels like to actually feel like you're shedding? To feel yourself change or (out)grow, is pretty exceptional; something like
stepping out of
a pair of stilettos that
have left your feet in bits. Or 
loosening the top button 
of your favorite denim shorts,
after eating all 
Maybe it feels like,  taking off your bra after a long day,
wearing no underwear, wiping off your lipstick to eat,
 a burger and some damn fries. Or! Drink

or maybe, it feels
slipping off that very last layer,
well, you can use your imagination here.

And, after it all, how good it feels 
to have some things you can hold onto and are just knot over.
Wearing: Darling Sweater, Urban Outfitters Jeans, Timberland Boots.

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lone Star

Well, a lone post from my time in the Lone Star State.

I shared a little of my personal photo diary last week and don't really know if there's any way to describe what my last night was like. . .

All I can say is that, these photos were snapped before the sun set, before I drank all the beers, ate a "healthy" burger, and went on what I had no idea would be an adventure to remember. I spent the night with Jess and Jono running around the city, meeting old friends at a local Austin bar, and wound up in the most magical airbnb, staying up to catch the sun, listening to music, talking about life, and doing all the bad things that feel so good.

Can you believe I didn't miss my 10am flight?

I can't believe it either.

It isn't everyday that a city-girl, who never stops to take a breath, gets to run a muck with friends in a desert, eat all the damn BBQ that I want, be braless, fearless, 


a live 

a little

Wearing: Gentle Fawn Halter, ASOS Denim, Windsor Store Hat, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Nine West Shoes.

Photos by Jono Bernstein 

Mad love to Nylon and Nine West for it all.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So, Shoe me

Even though it's just starting to feel (a little) like Spring in Brooklyn, I'm already searching all of my favorite designer collections to find the perfect sandals for the season. 

When getting dressed every morning, I always start from the shoe up, so now that I'm - prematurely - planning my Spring wardrobe, all I can think about are all the sandals, mules, slides, and espadrilles I have bookmarked. Self-proclaimed online shopping addict, at your service! I even have my eyes on a pair of jellies. . . too much?

First stop for my seasonal must-have's, some Marc Fisher sandals that I plan to take with me to Mexico! 
Share some of your Spring favorites with me using Lyst's new fashion GIF maker! It's easy-to-use, but the best part is you can share some of your favorite fashion moments or styling tutorials in an instant! Click your heels together, show off those shoes!

Find the tool at and visit Lyst at
Wearing: Marc Fisher Danae Sandals

Monday, March 30, 2015

Curl Confessions

The most endearing compliment I’ve ever received was when the man I loved told me I looked the most beautiful barefaced, in sweats on a Sunday morning, with all the wild curls; the ones I usually try to hide under hats, twist into a top knot after they let loose in yoga, and wake up (extra) early to tame.

If there were ever a time for me to spin a blog post into a public diary, this would be the moment of total truth. Sitting down to write this, I realize how much my heartstrings are pulled, and what a really personal story this is for me to tell. It’s especially earnest because there was a time when I basically…hated my curly hair.

Now, after a season of total liberation and learning to go with the flow, I’ve started to love my curls, embrace my natural – usually unruly – hair. The more I get to know myself, the more I love my curls.

The real me.

The secret is, I really love my time alone in the mornings. Quiet space before the day officially begins, before the 9am conference call, before the world tells you who you need to be. In between deep conditioning, diffusing, and styling I’ve probably answered all my morning e-mails, had two Americano’s (one croissant…), plotted a way to pay for a trip to oh, Vegas, and planned the entire day right down to happy hour at 6pm with the usual crew.
First, I work on cleansing then conditioning my curls in the shower. My dirty little secret? I usually shampoo twice to get rid of all the weeks worth of dry shampoo and hair spray.

Twice a week, I apply this deep conditioning, Quench Absolute Restoration Mask. I apply a generous amount to my wet hair, leave it in for 2-5 minutes, then rinse.

Next, I separate my hair into manageable sections and start defining my curls, by twisting and applying Dove Quench Absolute Crème Serum, the perfect on-the-go, leave-in treatment.

Then, it’s time to diffuse. Note: Make sure your curls are entirely dry before you separate the twists. 
No frizz zone!

Once your hair’s completely dry, shake it all out, style it up.

Featuring: Quench Absolute Shampoo, Quench Absolute Conditioner, Quench Absolute Restoration Mask, Quench Absolute Crème Serum.

Compensation for this post was provided by Dove Hair via AOL Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dove Hair or AOL. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

All My SXSW Secrets

The truth is, my entire trip started with a 6am flight and the realization that I forgot to pack a single pair of underwear. Why was my first inkling to bring three pairs of sunglasses, all the crop tops I could fit into a carryon, and even a pair of irrationally short-shorts, just in case the mood struck or the heat waved. I even brought a new book with me to start reading; maybe on the plane, maybe I'd wake up early and read at a local Austin coffee shop. Talk about being chronically ambitious?

Looking through my photo diary, 
I feel instant nostalgia for
the sun, the music, the booze, the BBQ, my friends laughing like their lives depended on it, I even shared a bed with Jess and Jono - hey who's a lucky girl?;
real life,
real living.

Needless to say, 
with a Lone Star in one hand
and my selfie-stick in the other (just kidding),
never stopped to read. 
And, with all it's implications, was a 
free bird
who was all smiles and
Wearing: Bella Dahl Top, Urban Outfitters Denim, Nine West Shoes, Windsor Store Hat.
Sam Dew
Jessica Louise Dye / Ria Michelle
ho99o9 / Ian Longwell

Photos by Jono Bernstein 

Thank you Nylon and Nine West for the memories that'll last me lifetimes..