Thursday, August 21, 2014

In the Home

I'm a firm believer that style transcends past the aesthetic - it translates to more than just what you wear. Style comes with taste, for some it's classy, others grungy, others preppy. 

Your style is unique and true to you, and is manifested in all sorts of things - of course your clothes, your car (I haven't had one of those things in years), your hair, your office, and one of my favorites - your home. 

I'm a big fan of simple, clean spaces. I don't care what anyone says, I can totally have my calm abyss even in the city! Lots of white, gray, subtle pops of color, and minimalistic pieces are exactly what make me feel at home, well, at home. Below are some of my must-haves that you'll find in my humble Brooklyn abode at any time. 

4. Decorative Vase (always with fresh flowers)
6. Decorative Antler (great for jewelry)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Forever Fresh, Little Black Dress

Something about wearing sneakers with dresses, that's so reminiscent to me, of being a little girl in Queens, running around my grandma's block with Nancy, Nicky, and Petey, chasing after Mr. Softee, playing hopscotch and trading POGS. The most carefree memories I have. When decorating the spokes of my bicycle was my main concern and retreating inside only to drink water or eat dinner were my only restrictions.

Now, all grown up and in Brooklyn, feeling all young in this kick-ass version of an LBD and a pair of chucks, is just the ticket. Six year old Erica would approve.

Check out a few of my favorite sneaker / dress combo options below! I wouldn't dare leave home without a fresh pair of kicks.
Wearing: Liberty Sage Dress, Converse Sneakers

Beauty by L.Be at Authentic. Present. Brave.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What to Wear: Meeting the Parents

My friend called Saturday morning (Me: "It's before noon on Saturday, what happened?") because a long night out with a boy in the early stages of dating somehow turned into going to see his parents in Long Island. WHAT?! Modern day romance, I actually think that's sweet. Anyway, the issue: "What do I wear?! I have no idea what kind of parents they are. Maybe they're young and cool, maybe they're reserved, maybe they're mean. I don't know. Just tell me what to wear." 

Simple. The answer is always simple - no, literally, always go simple if you're unsure. You want to be yourself, but you also don't want to be a conversation starter because of the white mini you wore that his mom was somehow personally offended by. I mean, ideally, your S.O. is cool which probably means his/her family is cool, but that's another post for another day (wait, do you really want my dating advice?). 

I always love a good dress for this exact reason, so many uses, zero objections. Length isn't as much a concern as is fit; stay away from anything clingy or skin-tight (more on this later). That being said, nobody wants to see your cheeks, especially not your potential in-laws. Depending on the time of day, I recommend a light vs dark color, and patterns like florals are one of my favorites that are appropriate any time. If you're not the dress type, I recommend a pair of high-waisted pants and blouse.

In either situation, accessorize appropriately. Flatforms or gladiators are the best shoe for a casual meeting, a classic pump is great for dinner. Blazers can complete the look if it's cold out or any sunnies will pull the look together at lunch. 

So what do you think? Are these enough to get you by a weekend with the parentals? Ultimately though - remember my most important tip, just be yourself and win 'em over with charm!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blue Jean Baby

After a weekend of some very much needed full-on relaxation with my faves Alex and Lauren, it's kind of hard to get into the grove of things on a Monday morning. 

Sometimes, finding motivation to get through a Monday, to really jumpstart your week with some serious efficacy, is less about just mulling through and more about finding small ways to feel inspired. 

If I can't make it to an early morning yoga class, insta-inspiration, comes to me by starting my day with sun-salutations, a little lot of coffee, some easy listening and journal writing, and of course, figuring out what to wear that I'll actually want to be in all day. Much more than just dressing the body, I'm talking about the feeling you get when you put on a pair of worn in ripped jeans. The power that comes from finding the dress first, and having faith that the perfect date will come later. For me, my heart is genuinely contented when I have on a pair of blue jeans, a not-so-basic, and a pair of shoes that are figuratively and literally made for walkin', hey!
Wearing: Gentle Fawn Halter Top, Zara Jeans (try these!), Kenneth Cole Sandals.

Beauty by L.Be at Authentic. Present. Brave.

Friday, August 15, 2014

1 Moto, 3 Ways

It seems there's been lots of commotion (the good kind!) 'round these parts anytime I include this magical jacket in any curated style collages. So, I figured this post is long overdue... my loves, I give you: 1 Moto, 3Ways.

What understandably seems the most difficult of all three to pull off, the Moto X Work look is entirely feasible, even if you've got to trek into a cubicle with a bunch of sartorial wallflowers to make that paper. Propping the jacket ever so slightly atop your shoulders, paired with a dress or pencil skirt and ladylike heels will reinvent this baby entirely.

Moto X Play: What moto dreams are made of! From first date to girls' night, I could style the moto endlessly when it comes to night time. Sexy meets edgy meets trendy - you can (virtually) do no wrong. Want a look that always works? Go for a slinky tank, form-fitting (no - not tight!) skirt, and sky high heels. Don't forget a pop of sultry color on your lips never hurts!

The easiest way to spruce up a basic look for your chill days? Enter, Moto X Chill. So long as the weather approves, pairing your moto with your favorite pair of distressed denim or sundress and flats is the fail-safe way to stand out from the crowd with little effort. 

The three looks and my top choices above are just the beginning, there are literally countless ways to rock THE moto. What're some of your favorites? And if you don't own one yet, get on it

Thursday, August 14, 2014

To Dye For

I don't remember the last time I wore a one-piece, but the tie-dye did me over!

I have to admit that my 'charming' railroad apartment, doesn't come equipped with really any outdoor space. And, like most New Yorkers, I spend all Summer scouring for wide open space, and plotting new ways to turn my fire escape into an urban beach. By beach, I mean I ditch my phone, just bring a book, some spiked iced tea, and a little faux beach kit filled with sunglasses and a floppy hat, for good measure.

Check out some of my Brooklyn Summer gear below!
Wearing: Motel Rocks One Piece

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8 Fresh Outfit Ideas with Refinery29 and T.J. Maxx

Earlier this Summer, I had the best two days, shooting with Refinery29 and T.J. Maxx. I dished on everything from what trends need to go, which ones I live by, and even chatted about other things I love, like living in Brooklyn, yoga, and my job. It’s not every day that a girl gets to play dress up, get all dolled up, and be surrounded by such insanely creative people., all the while listening to Iggy Azelea. If the point of life, is to bank the memories, then I think I’ve been on the right track. Happy as ever, doing yoga with my J.Lo ponytail.

For my full feature head over to Refinery29!


Monday, August 11, 2014


When I moved to Brooklyn, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

My very first apartment in Williamsburg, meant so many things to me at the time. It meant freedom, my first taste of independence - the way a child would look towards their future and think about all the endless possibility.  It meant letting go and really feeling my way through life. I had no idea what I was doing, and I probably still don't, but what I know for sure now, is that Brooklyn helped raised me. In a way, moving here was the beginning of my becoming. 

Brooklyn, brought me through the greater part of my twenties. I lived through my highest and lowest memories, right here, in Williamsburg, in my very own, pre-war apartment.

Everything from going to College (and all that really means), to getting dumped for the first time (it doesn't kill you and he wasn't worth it), figuring out that it all really starts with the right pair of shoes, moving at first, to a room with no windows (was it a closet?) and seeing the petrified look on my mother's face as she helped me unpack my boxes and clean the bathroom. To lighter moments that brought me back to life; the conversations on my living room floor with best friends, howling at the full moon on a strangers rooftop,  dancing - sometimes falling - in the street to no music, laughing until we passed out, drinking until the same. 

And, having photos to prove it all, you know, in case I'm old one day, worrying that I didn't live loud enough. 

I did.

 I will.
So, when I thought about what #OURNYC looked like, mine looked a lot like Brooklyn, walking the Williamsburg Bridge, kaiser rolls in the bodega, eating ice cream on the stoop, the diner where we will always all meet, street fairs, open fire hydrants on hot summer nights, watching the boys play handball, kids yelling in the street because school's out, short-shorts and sneakers, sunburn from bicycle rides, and the unofficial neighborhood watch; the ladies with the best gossip, who play solitaire outside my apartment building. 
Wearing: Liberty Sage Dress, Kenneth Cole Sandals, Mary Lai Bag.

Beauty by L.Be at Authentic. Present. Brave.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Gone Fishing

…Alright, I didn't exactly go fishing in this, but I did take this one-piece-wonder for a spin at the waterfront and am proud to say did not suffer from one single nip-slip. Hooray!

I think my obsession with tie-dye began somewhere between summer camp in Minnesota to being a pretty simple suburban High School 'hippie' (don't even ask what I wore my Senior year of High School…). It's doubly amazing when I can mix  a little something I've loved since the Summer of early 2000's with my lifestyle now. While I'm no Baywatch-er, or whatever they're called, I do love a little risqué peek of skin every now and again. I have the feeling that as I get older, double-stick tape will be my best friend. An ode to my first years of College when bra's were the last thing on my mind. My, how things in my life have come full circle.
Wearing: Missguided Bodysuit, Mink Pink Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sheer Layers

The kinds of things I think about when I put on a dress from Liberty Sage;

If I had a daughter, I hope to name her Sage. Sage, because it's my favorite plant, but mostly because it's my favorite remedy to cure an unhappy or unbalanced home - I am the smudge master, after all. Because the scent of Sage, instantly reminds me of 2009, moving into my first apartment, burning everything because it made us feel inspired. Sage, because the name has followed me around everywhere, since I realized that if I had a daughter, I'd hope to name her Sage.

Now, back to the clothes, shall we? 

Every time I put on anything from Liberty Sage, it feels a little like magic. Easy to shift around in this sheer-layered dress all day, from Brooklyn to Uptown, showrooms to shoots, meetings for work to happy hour with my best, around to dinner at my mom's. Since I told you that I've been trying to get back to basics, it's the best feeling to have that perfect dress that you want to spend all day in. And, if you're really trying to minimize and focus more on simplicity speaking volumes, try on some sheer layers and never forget those flatforms for carefree moments in the city.

Wearing: Liberty Sage Dress, Chanel Bag via Bella Bag, SixtySeven Shoes.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The night that I wore this shirt, a completely drunk and clearly idiotic man, approached me and actually called me a bitch. Despite his efforts to hit on me like we were in 3rd grade - the way boys use bullying and name calling to camouflage their flirtation - in this dingy, low-light, East Village bar, this man-child that will remain nameless, didn't expect this bitch... To have a response. Which, surprise! I, of course did.

I schooled him.

There is no recipe on how to appropriately tell someone to go back to the man-cave they just came from, but praise all women who know how to dish it out just as fast as the insult arrives. "No, you will not speak to me that way, I am woman hear me roar." You know the rest.

I didn't owe him, the man-child, an explanation of why I chose to wear this shirt. He didn't need to hear from me about how ironic it was for a woman with intellect or wit to wear it. And, certainly he wasn't looking for a laundry list of reasons why I had every right to wear a shirt that said, well, anything without inviting outside commentaries or implications.

We, women, we are not bitches. Unless, being a bitch means being strong, enlightened, and equal (understatement). In which case, call me a bitch again and wait for a brief history on womankind or the types of bitches I roll with. You know, poets, business woman, entrepreneurs. The ones who balance being mothers, wives, and working professionals. Signing business deals in one hand, spinning a hot plate in the other. 

Ask me again about this shirt, won't you?
Wearing: Married to the Mob Bitch Muscle Tank via Nylon Shop.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Co-Ord Survival Guide

Wearing this co-ord as a separate and really feelin' my previous post's implication that matching sets should all be a part of a Girls' Survival Guide to Life in the City.  This Summer has been a bit of a tizzy to say the least, and sometimes it's nice to know that the mathematics behind getting dressed every morning, will never fail me. 

Whenever I go through a lot of life changes, I consider a few things; What is it that I really wish to keep or surround myself with (clothing hugely included in this feat!), and how can I create considerable change and be happy the fastest. 

A speedball approach to survival, I know, but it applies to even the littlest motives, such as; When problems with your beaux ensue, DIY-style apartment projects and a closet re-organization seems to do the trick to insta-happiess. Or, when suffering from creativity and writer's block, having a Henna party with your best friend will probably spark up some creative vision. If there's anything to be said for the aforementioned Survival Guide, it's that getting through the chaos, relies on learning how-to simplify. And that, my friends, begins with your wardrobe. So, this girl, is getting Back to Basics, one single cropped top and high-waisted pair of jeans at a time.
Wearing: AX Paris Top, Zara Jeans (try these!)