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Home is in Your Bones

The truth is life is changing all around me. I haven't lived one day the same in months and have been purposely on the road, fiercely protective of my freedom, learning to love myself again, and again,
and againSomething about never-really-ever being sure but having enough faith in yourself and in owing your truth, that will equally never-really-ever leave you empty-hearted. 
My sorrows can be kept in the beehive hair full of secrets that Erin and Alex hold for me, and chronicled at a much later time.  Right now, 
it's about the understanding that life is bred through change. Learning to 
exhale, as my wings stretch further than I, at first, feel comfortable to admit. Aware of a particular strength inherent to my backbone, passed down to me by the women in my family who I watched turn foreign land into home. This time, I am creating a space that I enjoy breathing in. An apartment here or cabin there. What has never failed me is the home I seek 
then find within myself. The home I find in my friends and the memories we never shy away from. The roadmap to adventure I can hear when it's quiet enough. The answers, of course, that are always there in the 
palm of my hand. 

I take small leaps to uncover big truths. Leaps of intuition, of forgiveness, and trust. Trusting in my own power and remembering to be grateful for all the love we're being given. 

Just like a sunbeam can't separate itself from the sun, and a wave can't separate itself from the ocean, we can't separate ourselves from one another.
We are all apart of a vast sea of love, one indivisible divine mind.

Angels to the left of me and angels to the right.

Photos by @ShotbyJessica. Brought to you by Urban Outfitters featuring ceramics by Brian Giniewski, Impossible x UO Polaroid Camera, Embroidered Pillow, Hanging Planter similar here, Vintage Surplus Pant,  Crap Eyewear similar here. Soundtrack Vibes here. Snacks ℅ Whole Foods Hi to Amanda, Landon, Lauren, Jamal, Jennifer, and Jorge, Love you's!

My Mother's Daughter

The magnitude of my capacity to forgive, to love, to always reach higher and stretch further. There is no doubt that I am my mother's daughter.
My mom is my best friend. I can try to deny the fact that I've willingly (over)shared with her my most intimate secretes as I journey throughout my twenties, especially the late ones, but without her I wouldn't know how to find the light.

I am the same age now that my mother was, when she gave birth to me and the older I become the more connected I feel to the fierce women that raised me. The same ones who, too, I imagine are tied to the moon. I descend from a lineage of powerful, magical women. Strong and tenacious. Virtuous and unapologetic about their intellect. comfortable in the skin they were given, fiercely protective of their individuality and committed to love and family above all. I think of my childhood often and what a happy, wildly independent girl I was. Sometimes I wonder where my resilience comes from. My unwavering faith in the universe and deeply rooted understanding of how kind it can be, when you are kind. Sentiments my mother shared with me since I was a young girl. To always tell the truth, seek answers from within, dare to ask why,
to ask for more,
to dream without limits and to keep my heart open even after someone tried to break it in two with their bare hands.  Behind my mother's beautiful green eyes, are stories that I am still learning about a woman whose message has become my own. To love well, give much, and not apologize for being

Spending some around the city with my mom or a day shopping, going to the bookstore, doing something to beautify and get back to our zen, is something I've enjoyed doing since forever. As a young girl, I'd love spending time in the hair salons and used to spend hours dressing up in my moms accessories from the eighties, wearing her makeup and heels. It seemed a perfect fit to pair with Pucker Makeup and treat my mom to a day of pampering. She deserves to be treated like the goddess-queen that she is every day and that's definitely something I'm working towards. Small moments like these mean so much because they become the memories we hold onto for so long.

Thank you to everyone at Pucker for giving us this amazing mother-daughter day and experience! We can't wait to come back for another makeup session. Maybe this time we'll get mom to try some lashes!

Makeup courtesy of Pucker Makeup. Please visit to book your appointment today! Thanks to Lauren for the Post-Lunch Snaps of Mom & Me in Soho!

This Mother's Day, treat Mom to a full face makeup application at @PuckerMakeup and get YOUR appointment complimentary when scheduled at the same time.

The Farmhouse at New Paltz

Somewhere in New Paltz, deep in the middle of winter, when I lost so much I hadn't needed to be carrying to begin with.

I left the city, missing only a few things from my backpack and one playlist on my mind. Aiming to take as little as possible with me as I set out to find proof that nature, stillness, and the sunset could always put a girl back together again. Surrounded by love, this moment felt safe and much like home should be. I didn't wonder about the time or if he texted. I woke up as early as I wanted and bathed until I pruned. I sank into a feeling I so desperately needed and couldn't resist champagne for breakfast or dessert at noon, and didn't want to. It was the way bliss ought to be; simple and connected, I was able to hear the sound of my heart beating as it reminded me of how much life I still had left to seize. Adventure to seek and hands to hold. New faces to kiss and memories 
waiting for me to make
anew. Sometimes it feels like I leave a small piece of me everywhere that I go. Walking away with just as much as I've left behind, it's always
all love.

Spending time nestled away in the Hudson Valley's Farmhouse at New Paltz, sipping on something by the fire, reading a book beside the lake at sunrise, laughs - never-ending - and following trails to new destinations are moments I connect to the most. To remind my mind that whatever I'm feeling at the moment, in the city when it's loud and I can't seem to remember where I've placed my phone charger,
wallet, mind 
is exactly where I'm supposed to be. And in the farmhouse, on a quiet morning before anyone else was awake, I sat under a morning sky and remembered how good it felt to be somewhere new, worry-free, and with so much gratitude that my heart could burst. I wrote a journal entry that I'll share later; something about being Tied to the Moon or my Return to Love. Either way, it was the first time I actually had something to say in so long. Guessing it's harder to find the words when your mind and heart are becoming reconnected; and despite all the time that can flash before you or all the things you've let go unsaid is a moment sweet and 
delicious as caramel.
When it all comes together and you feel like you can glow.

If serenity is what you're after, sunsets are what you chase, and being somewhere between the city and tranquility is where you'd like to spend a long weekend, then your next move is to book The Farmhouse or The Cottage and take a trip just 90 miles north of New York City. The Farmhouse is only a few minutes from the city of New Paltz and equally close to Minnewaska State Park, which essentially provided us with the best of all words. A hideaway worth taking time for.

Please visit The Farmhouse at New Paltz to book your stay.

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