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I Just Follow The Sun

It feels good to put down the roadmap, follow the sun, and go where it feels like freedom. I don't have all the answers but I know that telling the truth will always help you find your way home. Just like, I figured out how little it is that I actually need to carry with me, most places that I go. Jeans are meant to be worn in and your shoes should take you down new streets, pulling you toward the next adventure. 

Your bag will not feel heavy, because it is filled with only the bare necessities; like a phone that's on do not disturb, some lipstick, and a really good book.
Baby steps towards self love and appreciation, knowing whatever it is that lead you here, whoever you gave your time to, and however long it took to say yes to something new 
and unknown was well worth the journey
If once there was a time you invested in something that felt a lot like reverse evolution, remember that all the love you put into this world will be returned to you. 

I will sleep on dry pillows now
in a bed big enough to love myself in
I will awake these coming mornings with my eyes dry 
and shining
full of the knowledge I am priceless and worth nothing but honesty.

Wearing Urban Outfitters Denim and Sunglasses, Abercrombie Tank. Photos by @shotbyjessica


There is peace in knowing that there are ways to help ease the transition of going into a new chapter. According to my most recent market research, the first thing any girl who's in-the-middle-of-things, should do, is remember to breathe. Something that should feel natural, but at times, just doesn't. 

Next, surround yourself with your people: the one(s) who love you well and make you laugh. In sorting through life, I've also understood it's seemingly easier said than done to cleanse your closet, contact list, and heart chakra, 
but it is so worth it when you do. I realized in this process of cleansing
 that I am a tried-and-true jeans and a tee, kind of girl. That I take the phrase less is more quite literally, and only really enjoy wearing two pieces of clothing at a time. I'd prefer to be barefoot and I haven't worn a bra in years. 
Getting rid of what no longer served me, and holding onto my Urban Outfitter High-Rise Denim's forevermore, I've packed strictly UO Denim for all my summer trips and haven't met a kick-flare I didn't love. I scaled my wardrobe back to pieces that made me feel good. Sneakers to adventure in. Sunglasses to block the haters or the shine, either way they keep you protected. Denim the kind I can eat a pasta dinner in, that feels more like a second skin. 
A sweater that I wore on a bus to New Paltz, then again in Santa Ynez. 

If you've dreamt of throwing all your belongings to the curb and know that it's twice as good when you do, then this post is for you.

Wearing Urban Outfitters Wide-Leg JeanKick FlareSurplus Pant   Shot by Jacob Pritchard. "UnbotheredPlaylist in collaboration with Sponge

Tune into the Power

I have spent the greater part of this year, making a commitment to my(self) to actively live a more awakened life. To be a woman whose mind and body are equally strong.

With this evolution, has come some friction of an unexpected kind. Sometimes life can get away from you, it can spiral into an oblivion of things that not only you didn't know existed, but that you didn't know existed within you.
I started a very personal journey earlier this year and made an internal choice, within a moment that left me feeling smaller than I ever had before, to see things differently. To believe, with conviction, that there was another way of looking at my less than desirable situation. When confronted with something or someone that causes us to question what it is that we are really made of, we have a choice to lean in and love. Or, we can cower and stay on the path of forgetting who it is that we are meant to become in this lifetime. If my life felt hysterical, that is because something within me was hysterical. If I had unconditional love for self
then I would be in a place of receiving unconditional love from others. Now, I am in a total space of reclaiming my time. In stillness,
and in love, the skies broke for me and I was able to mend.

You can spend hours scrolling, if you want to, living in comparison and feeding into anxieties over the job, the apartment, the guy. You can also choose to consider, if only for a second, that you are deserving, worth it, and strong enough. Consider the solution and tune into the power.

Wearing Urban Outfitters Overalls, Sunglasses (try these!). Photos by @shotbyjessica
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