Thursday, July 16, 2015

Over(all) It

I'm unsure what it is about overalls, that feels much like the kind of nostalgia you only experience when something reminds you of what it is to be feel young again; carefree, careless. 

A little like,

stepping into a pair of old, worn down sneakers - the ones you never wear, but would never throw away. They remind you of a place you've been; college, when sneakers and dresses were all you wore. 
Or slipping into

his t-shirt, it's oversized and feels like home. 
A feeling you only revisit sometimes, it's too soon.

Maybe, it's like 
waiting for your red toenail polish to dry. 
Red, makes you feel sexy. 
Something you discovered in high school, 
too young to 
understand that one day you might feel a lot unlike yourself 
- you've changed and have become unrecognizable - but 
red polish has never let you down. 
Stella, gets her grove back, every time.

And just like that, 
you feel like who you once were.
All-over again.
Wearing: Boohoo Overalls, Lulu's Top, Nasty Gal Shoes.

Photos by Alexandria Harrington

Monday, July 13, 2015


Something about this metallic dress, that makes me feel like I'm wearing a bit of armor; ready to take on the week ahead, no time to waste, places to go, people to see, slow it down?, "as if", feelings. 

After a weekend where all I did was let myself unwind..
 laying in the park with one handsome fellow, reading on my fire escape, sipping on a little coronita at all times, running to the bodega for an ice pop, and all around letting go for once. Making no plans or promises, slowing down, remembering to look around me, to laugh a little, and just re-lax. 

I don't remind myself nearly enough to 
turn my lights down low,
soak in what it really feels like to be around good old-fashioned L-O-V-E
and stop
count some of these
and do a little of this.

Have you ever worn something that made you feel a little like superwoman? 

Ready to take on the workweek, pay the cable bill, brave the grocery store during rush hour, the subway uptown to visit friends, during the same. 
To wake up before the sun and go to yoga, 
write more to-do lists; 
watch that documentary about green living 
or was it binge 
watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show, I can't remember. 
To call home, plan a trip to visit my little brothers - they are growing up too quickly, too soon. 
Visit with my best friend, the most recent of us to get engaged. Remind her of how many times we dreamt about this moment, are we really getting this old? 
To wait some more, think or write about the things I'd be remiss to let go of, but probably should.
Wearing: Boohoo Dress, Joe Fresh Sneakers

Friday, July 10, 2015

Borough Babe

Sometimes, a girls got to get back to her roots. I mean this both in terms of my hair and my sentiments.

will always be the most special to me. It's where my family settled after they moved to America, it's where I learned to ride my bicycle, effectively barter with the ice cream man, developed a grade school crush on the boy two blocks over, and have all of my earliest childhood memories; like when I first painted my nails black and my grandparents thought I was batshit because I said it reflectd my soul - sarcasm, since the day I was born. Or, when I had the chicken pox and I watched ballroom dancing marathons with Abba and it was the first time we talked about fashion, dresses, sewing. Little did I know then, this home, those conversations would shape me.

Now, time to BBQ in the borough where I'm from. Catch ya later, muchacha's!
Wearing: Shop Priceless Dress, Converse Sneakers.

Photos by Stephanie Tucker

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Which Way to the Wedding?

When one of your favorite gals gets hitched, the evening just begs for all the dancing, drinking, eating, and dolling up that you can stand. I can't even get into how special and totally emotional this time in life is for us; my closest getting betrothed, buying homes, making babies. 

Finding love, falling into it. 

Decked in ASOS 
and ready to celebrate Cheralee's nuptials, 
Lauren and I hit the road towards Upstate New York, 
in a J Lo inspired Fiat. Am I right?

Between jamming out in the car, sipping on rose all day under the sun, and having many a dance party at our charming inn, I think it's safe to say Lauren and I painted that pleasantly quaint town (very) red. 
On Me: DressRings, Clutch, Heels.
On Lauren: DressHair Crown, Clutch, Wedges.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hot One

Going on a hot date, on a hot Summer night in Brooklyn, is just how this girl likes to spend her weekend.

Sometimes, it's really nice to turn your phone off, turn your brain off, unwind, and just forget about the workweek ahead. To sit down for a little dinner, some drinks, and all the conversation with someone old or new; whispering, sharing too much, learning to live in the moment. 
Just keep sipping. 
Ditch your jacket, 
say yes to wearing the new heels. 
Add a little lace for good measure. 
And, a pop of red lip; 
seƱorita, on the move.

I’ve partnered with Victoria’s Secret PINK to share some date night secrets. Keep up with my looks now by following #DateWithPINK
Century 21 - Jumpsuit
Lulu's - Mules

Photos by Landon

Friday, June 26, 2015

Landon Loves Pink

Sometimes blending in, just isn't enough. Who wants to stay camouflaged all the time? 

Snapped these on another day with Landon, hanging around the hood. Spending time under the sun and taking the long way home. And, instead of doing my normal neutrals, I added a little pop of something pink and borrowed from Lan, to spice up my life and keep 'em guessing. It felt like a little ray of sunshine. Instant happiness. 

Sometimes, I'd bargain to say most of the time, it's all in the little moments. 

Small things are big things. And, mixing prints, popping color, walking an extra few blocks with your best, just to talk about "what had happened", is all we really need, somedays.

Hey, what are friends for?
Wearing: Century 21 Dress, ASOS Jacket, Tobi Shoes.

Photos by Landon

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Date With Pink

Back to the city and back to reality. On the go with a (very dirty) Americano in one hand and an iCal I’m not yet sure I am ready for in the other. After spending some time, under the sun, upstate, I’m in full-on Summer mode and can’t wait to grab some drinks al fresco with friends, later today. Since returning from a weekend away left me to play ultimate catch up with work, there’s hardly enough time to read a book, drink morning coffee without answering emails, or stop to stand under the sun, let alone make multiple outfit changes in a day. Without a chance to run home and slide into something more comfortable for dinner or drinks, my idea of readying myself for a night out is putting on a little rouge, adding a layer like this vest or a moto jacket, and slipping into a pair of heels to stomp the block in. 

For the days that feel never-ending, the probability of having to go straight from work to play is high. Who knows, maybe the hot date you’ve been waiting for will give you a call and ask to take you for oysters and rose. Maybe your girlfriends all caught a case of the “summer Friday’s” too. And, as soon as the clock strikes 5, the group text lights up with questions about finding the best, cheapest, closest happy hour along the L train. In this city, it’s all always possible and a girl just has to be ready for just about anything. Wouldn’t want to miss out on that hot date, now would you?

I’ve partnered with Victoria’s Secret PINK to share a little secret of mine. For long days that turn into adventurous nights, I rely on a little lace to get by. Perfect for a summer night, the Date Collection is fun enough for drinks al fresco with the girls, and flirty enough to get cozy next to your beau for a dinner date, drinks to follow. Keep up with my looks now by following #DateWithPINK.
Abercrombie - Boyfriend Jeans
Gentle Fawn - Vest
Lulu's - Shoes

Photos by Landon

Monday, June 22, 2015


Sometimes, all a girl needs, is just to throw on some fringe, lace up her sneakers, and hit the ground running. 

Walking from my place over to Landon's, is a favorite part of any day, for me. Especially during the Summer; light breeze, sun doesn't set until after we've finished dinner, we have time to sit in the backyard and talk about everything or nothing, time to be still and be together. 

 For Brooklyn weeknights like these, I wouldn't dream of leaving home without my new fringed moto to throw over my shoulders for when the weather cools. And, in a city when not very much is guaranteed, it's nice to know a girl can always count on denim, leather, and a pair of chucks.
Wearing: Abercrombie Tank, Missguided Jacket, Jessica Simpson Jeans via Century 21, Converse High Tops.

Photos by Landon.