Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Plaid All Over

Tis the season to wear all the plaid, sip on all the seasonal cocktails, and make all the resolutions.

Resolution Numer Anonymous:
Whatever you do, 

A mixed-matched wardrobe is something I've always loved. A mingle of textures, playing around with prints, and flirting with the idea of a little grunge, some girl, and a whole lot of rock n' roll seems to feel like my standard #ootd, as it were.

Another part of my upcoming resolutions, will be to learn to just let go and live a little more. In this sentiment, I altogether plan to wear whatever I want. 

First stop: Trousers and Plaid to wear to work and to play in by Anne Klein.  

Next Stop: Moto Jackets and Stilettos. 
Final Destination? A mashup of Johnny Cash and this.

and most 
 Yes, to mixing all the plaid. Yes, to drinking all the cocktails. Yes, to making sticking to all the resolutions.
Wearing: Anne Klein Blouse, Pants, Clutch. Rebecca Minkoff Jacket.

 Photos by Spencer Kohn

Friday, December 12, 2014

Boy Toy

Finally, it's Friday. And, although there's sill an entire day of meetings and the normal running about, it's nice to look forward to the (freakin') weekend, am I right?

Life, has been, exactly what it always becomes around the holidays and before the end of the year; ever-changing, always moving, never dull. 

Keeping it all going, trying my best to remember this, and surviving on strictly caffeine today, with all the layers. My favorite new thing, is to layer 
slip dresses over jeans
 and sweater dresses over leather pants. 
All this, followed up by some beatle boots or a stiletto, and something to toughen it all up. 

The oversized Working Bitch Girl blazer

chapter highlight.


Wearing: Redun Denim, Lulu's Dress, Topshop Blazer, Zara Heels (try these!).

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Catholic School Girl

Surprise! I went to Catholic School for the greater part of my childhood, and after giving it some thought, and most definitely after being home over the holiday's with friends from this era, it has a lot more to do with who I am today, than I can begin to admit. 

Something about growing up wearing a uniform, that's side effects have me still reeling to buy new shoes and clothes any chance I can get. Something about feeling unjustly provocative if I dare step out in a crop top - I've been rebelling? - or short-shorts. Ah, the guilt. The stigma! Consequently, this was also the place where in my pleated skirt and oxford shirt, I learned the importance of less being more. I learned that keeping it simple, focusing less on what you looked like and more on how you felt was just the bottom line of all things. The notion that all a girl needs is feel like a bad-ass to look like one? 

you mean,
 it's all 
Wearing: LOFT Top, Vintage Skirt, Nasty Gal Jacket, Missguided Shoes.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Johnny Cash

Back to black, seems to be the mood of my Fall wardrobe.

I remember the first time I wore black nail polish, my first Little Black Dress, and my first pair of, well, black leather pants. The black polish was scandalous, because I wore it to Catholic School middle school. I guess Sister Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless, didn't think it was innocent enough to pair with my uniform. She was probably right - just kidding. Little did she know we were sneaking more around than some black polish.

And, what girl doesn't remember her first LBD or pair of black leather pants? ..Right? Damn, the purchase of leather pants really revolutionized my college experience.

How clothes make you feel, is something I've given a great deal of thought to. I really believe that how your clothes make you feel; what makes you want to shake it fast or drop it low like Beyonce, strut down the block, and go on that hot date, is all that reasonably matters.

Wearing: Kate Spade Saturday Sweater and Satchel, Topshop Denim, Zara Heels (try these!).


Friday, November 28, 2014

1 Bomber Jacket | 2 Ways

Admittedly, I don't know what I would do without the proper ability to mix and match e v e r y t h i n g I own. Or, without the understanding that it's perfectly 'OK' to wear the same thing on repeat. What foolishness to think you should only wear something once. One: it's wasteful. Two: it's wasteful.

I take this 'moins est plus' 
approach towards 
most things, 
at least 

My wardrobe, my relationships, my belongings both tangible and intrinsic. Wouldn't you rather have one gem, one thing you can really love or live in, than a ton of rubbish to carry around? I don't know, maybe it's harder in life to learn how to simplify, but that's probably the point.
In college, when becoming goth inundated my soul, I wore the same vintage Harley tee, black fur coat, leather pants, and thigh-high combat boots, every single day. Quite truthfully, the entire experience of my Sophomore to Junior years of college could be summarized to the belief that wearing what you want is the highest form of self expression, and contrary to whatever fashion rules you abide by, it's totally PC to rock out in the same thing - all back, all the time - if you really feel it. Those were the days for me. Running around NYC with all the dreams, all the hopes, in my all black ensembles. 

Maybe nailing down a daily uniform 
I felt like my best self in, 
was just about the best decision I made at that age. 
What I wouldn't give to tell myself a few things at 21. 
A story to share at a later time. . . 

featuring the Aritzia La Notte Salvatore Jacket

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Moody's Mood

After overextending my trip to sunny LA, writing this to you now from a rainy NYC, is a little hum-drum, to say the least.. Feeling mellow, the kind of day where all you want to do is a little yoga, sip on some chai, curl up next to your beaux while wearing his flannel, and read a good book or listen to some Johnny - and June Carter - Cash. 

Today, the day before Thanksgiving, is always an introspective one for me. Considering all the things in life we have to be thankful for, I'm convinced, is only the most powerful way to live. Gratitude for the little things, which consequently you realize were big things, happiness, laughter, 

Thankful for all of you, thankful to be 

Wearing: See U Soon Sweater, Urban Outfitters Top,  Topshop Denim, Nine West Shoes, French Connection Bag.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Play the Game

Who knew mesh jersey’s, boxy bomber jackets, and a metallic backpack were such lifesavers.  After what’s been a long morning of travel, the first and only thing on my mind, is what to change into that will keep me comfy-cozy all day, easy to run around in, and with a quick shoe change, perfect for a night out even!

I’ll admit, it’s been since High School that I’ve played on an actual sports team. For nearly a decade, it’s been all about yoga for me; my doctor referring to this as “only the best practice you can take up in your lifetime”. I’d have to agree. Yoga, has always been a quiet place of refuge, the 90 minutes I can take to myself to not think (can you imagine!) and just be still, present, and in the moment. Sounds pretty riveting, I know. It is.
So, when it comes to athletic apparel, I’m a little stumped. My knowledge basically stops at yoga shorts, a sports bra (see, I know a thing or two!), and a loose fitting tank, no shoes required. My sneaker game has been limited and I hadn’t worn a jersey since, well, I can’t even remember how long ago.

Enter my Sporty Spice craze; the effect that swopped in since last season that has even us sport-spectators wearing sneakers with dresses, mesh layers, and long silk-like jersey’s instead of regular shift dresses.

You don’t have to play a sport
to participate
in this

Shop my Favorite Sporty-Girl Must-Haves now!

Imagery thanks to Jamie Weiss

Monday, November 24, 2014

Joe Boxer Slumber Party

One of my favorite childhood memories, was having a slumber party with my best friends for my 11th birthday. We were a bunch of N’sync-crazed-pre-teens, who hadn’t yet figured out that applying too much lip gloss and wearing as many butterfly clips in our hair as possible, wasn’t exactly the most flattering – we thought we were so nouveau. We’d all hover around the (house)phone, waiting for our middle school crush to call, watched Sixteen Candles on repeat, and thought we were being rebellious by staying up all night talking about boys and gossiping about nothing, all while reading the latest issues of whatever teeny bopper magazine had JTT or JT on the cover.

Weren’t those days just the best?

It’s a little different now, slumber partying with my best in my Brooklyn abode, but the sentiments remain the same. Happiness starts with having a good circle of friends around you; the ones you can call when life hits you hard or throws you for a loop. The ones you can rely on to buy you a drink when you’ve had a long day or give you a laugh when they know you need it.  

I’m fortunate enough to have some of my best live within blocks of me. Landon, Lauren, and I might not be hovering around a house phone waiting for a call and we’re certainly not plastering the walls of my apartment with photos of Justin Timberlake, but we are laughing our hearts out, eating pizza like it’s our day job, and dance partying as if it were our only chance to.

A much needed Joe Boxer fueled slumber party, 
in our most comfortable, playful set of PJ’s, is just what the doctor ordered. We’ve all been working so much lately, that a cozy night in, with some jams, a whole lot of popcorn, and our favorite movies on repeat, was just what these Brooklyn babes needed to recharge.

Take the time to live a little and remember what it was like to be all young and free. You’ll be surprised how much you needed to let go and have some old fashioned

And, if you’re like us, without much time to plan a whole to-do, pop into your local Kmart to grab all the goodies, just like we did! Movies, check! Snacks, check! Comfy pajama’s you want to cuddle up in, check!

available at Kmart

Photos by Spencer Kohn

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kate Spade Saturday

Lately, life has been such a whirlwind of surprises, that I've started to really reel it in, so to speak, and focus on the small things, the details, little stolen moments that really make me happy. Sometimes, the little things  make all the difference. Exchanging a smile with a stranger on the subway, hearing thank you from someone you love, laughing at an old inside joke with a friend, heck! finding a spare $20 in the pocket of your winter coat, or. . . finding that missed connection.

Along the lines of, 'it's the little things that count', I'm a sucker for a good monogram, a little touch of personality to keep things fresh. When I found out that Kate Spade had monogram options for their latest collection, it was an insta-yes! for me. 

Check out all my Kate Spade Saturday must-have's below! Fall/Winter essentials, start with monograms and end with boxy knits, leather staples, an everyday go-to bag, and some gold accents. 

Wearing: Topshop Dress, See U Soon Sweater, Kate Spade Saturday Mini-Mini Bag, Missguided Shoes.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Authentic Life(Style)

Is it a coincidence that your life changes as the seasons do? ‘Spring Cleaning’ for me has always meant much more than getting rid of clothes that don’t fit or ones that have become outdated. Seasonal changes, to me, mean one thing; transformation always, in all ways.

This fall has already been a tizzy of change, newness, excitement, some heartbreak, more love. I’ve promised to always be honest with you guys and share every ounce of my life(style), and I’m sure you can all relate. Seasonal shedding, if you will, can definitely be as heavy as it sounds, but it’s what keeps us alive – literally. This year, I’ve especially committed myself to always choosing love, not fear, to seeking truth at whatever cost and being happy on even the smallest, most elementary level.

On this track, I’ve taken inventory of many things recently, including my wardrobe, by wearing whatever I feel my best self in. Bomber jacket, check. Ripped up denim, check. Booties that I can stomp around Brooklyn in, check! When you think about change, you might see that all you need to do is get back to basics, get back to your core.  Throw on your ‘uniform’, and call it a day.
Brought to you by THE NEW 2015 DODGE CHARGER.

Compensation for this post was provided by THE NEW 2015 DODGE CHARGER via AOL Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of THE NEW 2015 DODGE CHARGER or AOL.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Boot Camp

Few things in life get me, over-the-moon, je suis excite, más feliz de todo el mundo, excited.

Some of those things, I can't exactly discuss here (hush, hush), others I'm more than happy to (over)share with you about. Shoes, are somewhere on this list of ultimate happiness - right up there with  cocktails.. brunch .. my upcoming trip to LA .. other unmentionables and etceteras.

Putting your best foot forward, starts with the right pair of shoes, right? I always thought so, and this approach hasn't really failed me yet. I start with the shoe and work my way up, planning outfits around my new pair of stiletto's or black suede booties. I'm a shortie, so I love a good heel, but I also love to stomp around this city like my life depended on it. Running from borough to borough, uptown meetings, downtown drinks. If you ask me, activities such as these, call for the perfect black bootie. Moto-style? Naturally. Stacked-Heel? Occasionally. Lace-up. You better believe it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Acid Wash

One of my favorite things to do on a whim, is find the nearest thrift store, scowl around for beat up leathers, some fringe (because, why not?), high-waisted Levi's, beatle boots, and lastly, my obsession, floral dresses to wear with my Keds. Yes, I said Keds. Think Courtney Love, Hole. 90's style, naturally. 

When I found this Acid Wash Vintage jacket at a small store on Long Island, I knew it was just what my Fall wardrobe had been lacking. Who says no to a little acid wash action, am I right? 

Mondays are hard enough, your outfit shouldn't be. Simple does it in this denim-on-denim combo! Peep below for some of my favorite denim jackets for the season!
Wearing: Vintage Jacket, Topshop Denim, Timberland Boots.