Friday, June 26, 2015

Landon Loves Pink

Sometimes blending in, just isn't enough. Who wants to stay camouflaged all the time? 

Snapped these on another day with Landon, hanging around the hood. Spending time under the sun and taking the long way home. And, instead of doing my normal neutrals, I added a little pop of something pink and borrowed from Lan, to spice up my life and keep 'em guessing. It felt like a little ray of sunshine. Instant happiness. 

Sometimes, I'd bargain to say most of the time, it's all in the little moments. 

Small things are big things. And, mixing prints, popping color, walking an extra few blocks with your best, just to talk about "what had happened", is all we really need, somedays.

Hey, what are friends for?
Wearing: Century 21 Dress, ASOS Jacket, Tobi Shoes.

Photos by Landon

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Date With Pink

Back to the city and back to reality. On the go with a (very dirty) Americano in one hand and an iCal I’m not yet sure I am ready for in the other. After spending some time, under the sun, upstate, I’m in full-on Summer mode and can’t wait to grab some drinks al fresco with friends, later today. Since returning from a weekend away left me to play ultimate catch up with work, there’s hardly enough time to read a book, drink morning coffee without answering emails, or stop to stand under the sun, let alone make multiple outfit changes in a day. Without a chance to run home and slide into something more comfortable for dinner or drinks, my idea of readying myself for a night out is putting on a little rouge, adding a layer like this vest or a moto jacket, and slipping into a pair of heels to stomp the block in. 

For the days that feel never-ending, the probability of having to go straight from work to play is high. Who knows, maybe the hot date you’ve been waiting for will give you a call and ask to take you for oysters and rose. Maybe your girlfriends all caught a case of the “summer Friday’s” too. And, as soon as the clock strikes 5, the group text lights up with questions about finding the best, cheapest, closest happy hour along the L train. In this city, it’s all always possible and a girl just has to be ready for just about anything. Wouldn’t want to miss out on that hot date, now would you?

I’ve partnered with Victoria’s Secret PINK to share a little secret of mine. For long days that turn into adventurous nights, I rely on a little lace to get by. Perfect for a summer night, the Date Collection is fun enough for drinks al fresco with the girls, and flirty enough to get cozy next to your beau for a dinner date, drinks to follow. Keep up with my looks now by following #DateWithPINK.
Abercrombie - Boyfriend Jeans
Gentle Fawn - Vest
Lulu's - Shoes

Photos by Landon

Monday, June 22, 2015


Sometimes, all a girl needs, is just to throw on some fringe, lace up her sneakers, and hit the ground running. 

Walking from my place over to Landon's, is a favorite part of any day, for me. Especially during the Summer; light breeze, sun doesn't set until after we've finished dinner, we have time to sit in the backyard and talk about everything or nothing, time to be still and be together. 

 For Brooklyn weeknights like these, I wouldn't dream of leaving home without my new fringed moto to throw over my shoulders for when the weather cools. And, in a city when not very much is guaranteed, it's nice to know a girl can always count on denim, leather, and a pair of chucks.
Wearing: Abercrombie Tank, Missguided Jacket, Jessica Simpson Jeans via Century 21, Converse High Tops.

Photos by Landon.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

To Dad

Well, today is Father's Day and my dad is in Miami, hopefully resting for once, taking it all in, sitting by the pool, celebrating the day with my little brothers and reading this open letter, remembering he will always be my number one. I know you aren't supposed to wait until days like Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and the like to show the ones you love, just how much you really do love them. Most of the time, we forget to call back because we're too busy or have too much on our minds, we easily take for granted how much love there really is and always has been. 

My dad,
my hero. 
The first (and only) man who has ever loved me unconditionally. Who has protected our family, even when we became a blended one. Thank you for loving all of us - all of us - the way you always have. And thanks for making sure I was always, 'ok'.

But, for a girl like me, who came out of the womb sarcastic and monotone, I like to think I still am the most sensitive and sentimental. If you really know me very well, you know that I don't wait until special occasions or holiday's to express any bit of emotion; I am an emotional roller coaster. So, my dad knows how much I love him. He also knows how-to not to push my buttons because I will snap (that's the feistiness inside me, that I know reminds him of my mom). By the way, thanks for always dealing with that. With us girls and our first-dates, as teenagers learning to drive, in college thinking we knew it all. Thanks for challenging me, dad. I wouldn't have the business savvy or any street smarts about me, if you didn't always tell me to believe in my mind and teach me how to keep it "sharp".  And, thanks for never missing a dance recital. It meant the world to me to see you in the audience every single time. And, for telling me I was beautiful even when I tweezed off all my eyebrows. Oh! And for the one time in High School that I smoked pot and mom wanted to kill me. I really appreciate you not letting her do that.

And, mostly for never never telling us to turn down the music!

Dad, I hope you are proud of your first born. I won't mention on here how you cried your eyes out when I gave you this song for Father's Day in the 5th grade. Oops, I just did.

I love you, dad. Happy Father's Day, from all of us. 
Since music is probably your favorite thing in the world. Since my first memories of my life, are of you playing the guitar. Since it's apart of who we are as a family. I choose to celebrate Father's Day with you through all the music and all the sing-a-longs. Now, take these speakers poolside. Or have a jam session with Uncle Coco. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tennessee with Teva

If I had things my way, I’d work on getting out of the city more often. It’s my daydream to think of ways to weekend getaway throughout the Summer. To camp by the lake, visit a quaint – as airbnb would put it – town, off the beaten path, take time away that’s all mine and no one else’s.

So, when Teva, asked me to head to Tennesee and hangout at Bonnaroo with, GrasieDanielaJenny, and  Eugenie it was an instant yes. If there’s any way to describe this trip, it’d be wildly fun and refreshing in it’s own kind of way. Of course there’s always the charm of being in a rural town; the kind of quiet you never find in New York City, the kind of countryside living that leaves you feeling refreshed. On the flip side, the festival was everything I hoped it’d be, just what I needed to kick off my Summer. Bonnaroo, had me feeling a little upside down to say the least.  Between all the food, libations, and live music, this old lady was moving and shaking it pretty fast. Somewhere between Tears for Fears, Earth Wind and Fire (special guest, Kendrick Lamar – what!), Tove Lo, Florence and the Machine, and freaking Billy Joel, I lost my mind at least twice, danced my Teva’s off, and called it a night to remember.

The space between Bonnaroo and hanging out at our home for the week in Smithville, Tennesee, was filled with hilarious moments. Poolside, always with a drink in hand, eating all the bad food that’s good for your soul, and busting at the seams laughing at nothing and everything, was all I needed. Terrible cell service doesn’t seem to matter so much if you’re having this much fun. Except when you miss a call from your sweetie, then it’s time to find a hot spot.

Note: Spent my birthday at Bonnaroo. Does this mean I’m honorably cool? How cool?
Teva Flatforms, Teva Originals
Girls on Film - Fringe Top
Missguided - Sunglasses
Century 21 - Patchwork Shorts
Kenneth Cole - Backpack 
Tobi - Halter Top
Abercrombie - Crop Tank

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Another post from Montauk, the ultimate girls getaway. 

I don't think any of us get out of the city nearly enough. Take the time to turn off our phones and tune into conversation. To spend some time soaking up some rays, dance, drink, repeat. Weekends like these, help me remember how much I need to slow down and be present. I'm always rushing to catch a train here, hail a cab there, running late for this or that, forgetting whether or not I actually turned off my hair straightener or 'Wait, where are my keys?'.

after another year on-the-go
turning a year older, 
means a lot of things. 
But it all starts with remembering to live in the small moments. Be happy now, take the chance today. Stop getting anxious about the future and let go of the what if's, because they really, don't matter. Holding on to what I love the most. 
Letting go of the rest.
Hey, another year wiser, isn't so bad after all.
Wearing: Lulu's Top, Vintage Shorts (try these!), Nasty Gal Hat, Kenneth Cole Bag, Bed Stu Shoes.

Photos by Lauren

Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to: Live a little

Sometimes a girl needs to get back to basics, throw on something to romp around in, drink a beer or two, and get her barbecue on. 

On Saturday, Lauren and I, along with our friends at Marine Layer gathered all of our Brooklyn folk at their new store in Caroll Gardens for a little fashionable fete. The only way to spend a proper Saturday in BK; brews in a backyard, music a little too loud, friends and enough sun to really keep you going. You know how some days you feel like the sun came out just for you, to finally let the curls loose, sip on seasonal koolaid, and disco dance to some tunes? Maybe some days are meant to be this good; don't want to go home, don't want to stop the music, kind of good. Days like these, when you can look around you and see on everyones faces how happy they are. All smiles, all love. It's true, this kind of free spirited fun and good down-home friends, can be hard to come by, especially in a city that's filled with so many things, people, and moving parts. Not one day in this city is the same, but that's probably best, right? Just when I thought Summer and the city had forgotten about me. A day like Saturday with Marine Layer was the perfect dose, to help us remember how much life there really is left


After all,  
"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

On Erica Marine Layer Romper
On Lauren Marine Layer Scarf

Monday, June 1, 2015

Little Spark

I don't know what it is about after the sun goes down that makes me feel some type of way.

I've always been the girl who is wide awake, after hours. Can't sleep at night but day dream all day type of thing. Moving to a city that never, hardly-ever, sleeps has probably been both good and bad for me. I like the idea of life constantly in motion, so inherently I can never turn down a nightcap with some friends or a late night anything with a beaux. 

In college, a professor that really pushed my writing to it's limits, challenged me to show her my 3am through storytelling. I've always loved that idea. That no matter who you are, if you're living in Brooklyn like me, or the burbs, like the old me. If you're young and restless or growing old, still restless but more wise. If you've had a heartbreak that's left you crying on your stoop or have known what it's felt like to fall - more like dive, head first - into love. Seen the sunrise along the coast or live in a city filled with lights too bright to even see the stars. If you wake up in the middle of the night to make to-do lists, write in a journal, go for a run, or have a snack. Maybe you lay awake and think about how lucky you are to be sleeping next to someone who actually wants to be your big spoon. Or, maybe you're sleeping alone and scrolling through Instagram, Tinder, other late-night unmentionables. 

We all have the 3am, inside us. 
The still moments, the 'I can't sleep, I need a little more love moments. 

Sometimes, even if you're in a city that never sleeps and hardly bats a lash to your problems, it's nice to remember that
someone, somewhere is awake too. 
Wearing: Hedonia Dress, Tobi Dress, Lulu's Shoes, Nasty Gal Hat.

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg