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Last-minute packing a few of my favorite things and realizing how sweet it feels to minimize. 

About a week ago, I packed to set out on a roadtrip with girlfriends to the Women's March on Washington. Our message? Love Never Fails and Only Love is Real. Now, with a fire of a different kind, I’m off on a wintery weekender. Simplicity being the point of arrival, especially when it comes to how much luggage a girl can honestly carry,  I slowly set aside a short-list of must-have’s. It’s clear to me now more than ever that nothing matters more than filling my heart with love and keeping my bags filled with necessities.

Bundled in my newly found metallic jacket, I pack a few soft knits to wear by the fire, film to remember what we all looked like and how we all felt. A soy candle and patchouli because, mood. My journal and Delta of Venus, because moody.

And a few more essentials to spice up the experience, like my new VUSE VIBE vape, because the refreshing melon and silky nectar flavors have got me sprung. And I cannot forget my favorite tunes to listen to while on the road. A playlist to remind my mind, that every day is new

With my heart leading the way and some essentials in my backpack, I feel ready for my next adventure. Keep the good vibes flowing. Keep the movement going. 

Shot by Phil Sullivan. Brought to you by VUSE VIBE.

VUSE contains nicotine extracted from the tobacco plant.  Nicotine is addictive and no tobacco product has been shown to be safe.  Not for sale to minors.

Love, Freedom, & the Modern Trail

The cosmic spotlight isn't pointed at you; it radiates from within you.

Every New Year I make a commitment to remind my mind, that self-love is the best love. That this will be the season I learn to flow, live in abundance, surrounded myself with people that move me to be greater, fiercer, more alive. Admittedly, I feel intimidated to begin a new year, so wide-eyed, but change is what I crave and I've never been more ready for unexpected adventure. To explore and live more freely than ever. I still think that it all started with letting my curls loose, but it certainly hasn't ended there.

Now, I'll probably meet this new year with as much expectation as I have the past. I'll over-promise everything to myself. This will be the year I start a savings, find love, let go, build. I'll travel more, think less, read a new book a month, a week! I'll join a book club. I'll also join the gym. I'll even learn to crochet and start making scarves and mittens for all my family and friends. I'll buy a new cookbook and try every new recipe. It's time I start taking life more seriously. . .

Oh, the places your mind will wander when expected to make a list of resolutions. To me, the only thing to actually be resolute about is love, not lists.

It isn't about a new year, getting older, more wise. Time, is fluid and everyday is new. A new chance
to love more, speak your intentions out loud, give back to the community around you, sit in circles with friends and tell them the truth about how much you miss them, admire them, appreciate

A new chapter. Fully spirited with wanderlust and without a clue where this year will take me, I'll just start today by lacing up my new boots, walking from Queens to Brooklyn and back again; my modern trail. Finding small treasures along the way and learning at every turn to stay open and say yes, even to the unknown. Remembering that quality, comfort, and style are some things I'll always want to have carry me. That one boot, when the right fit, goes the longest way. Just like finding the perfect hand to hold.

The boots I'm wearing are a part of Timberland's Ruby Red collection, which features two other styles you can see here and here.

Shot by STEPH in Queens, New York In Partnership With Timberland. Wearing the Limited Edition Ruby Red Collection.


On love, compassion, divinity and the lure of your own becoming.

I would be lying bold-facely to you, if I said I didn't sometimes sacrifice my best self for others. Even the idea of being criticized by family for my curly hair makes me cringe to pieces. To avoid hearing how ugly my natural hair looks, I am tempted to roll my curls into a bun so tight, it actually feels like my brain is shrinking. This feeling is never worth it. Especially not after I've tasted the sweet sensation of liberation and letting my curls and feelings be free.

I march because I've nothing if not for my voice, my body, my art, my freedom.

I write, to create a space that speaks to who I am today and how I feel about who that woman is. I write, so these words can be found
by a young girl somewhere in the world who looks like me, with eyes bright like two sunshines and curly hair she can't deny and doesn't want to.

I keep writing, because I need to let her know that she is magic and powerful beyond measure. She looks in the mirror and tries to fit in but fitting in, she'll later learn, is never worth the cost of losing your tiny self. This same girl will be measured up to her neighbors and their friends, her classmates and their friends, the church and it's friends. Which way to the country club, how long until lent is over.

She'll be asked every day from every stranger she meets, "What are you anyway", before she is asked "What's your name". She'll live freely and innocently, not knowing that her brown skin and beauty threatens others. Until she's thirteen and stripped of her essence the second she is called the N-word, by a girl named Laura. She'll get silenced, she'll shrink, she will still try to fit in and deny, deny, deny who she really is. She, will even make excuses for Laura's ignorance. But she,
has never been made to fit into only one dimension. She isn't too dark, too skinny, too flirty, too pretty, too smart, too funny for a girl, too sarcastic, too much resting bitch face. She just is. Therefore, she is perfect.

Whoever you are, wherever in the world you might be,

I hope that you are reading this and will know. I don't have much to give besides these words
but I will march for you. I will sit here, in my Brooklyn apartment that I can't afford, to always and forever keep letting you know that

You are superLOVE.

And together we can make history.

Photos by Phil Sullivan. Please help advocate the women's movement here.


I do it to myself - sometimes. I'm always on the road.
Hardly ever home
Always busy this, busy that. 
Can't talk on the phone.

And while I haven't totally found my zen, I'm starting to feel the pulse of it, once again. As expected, life is full of ebbs and flows; the paradigms of falling in love with your Self, your city, your new beau, yourself again. Realizing that somewhere in between it all lies the balance. The truth. The love of it all and the knowing that running free does come with a high price but it's worth it. And so is learning how-to run, while holding someone else's hand.

A stranger told me that you have to be one with life. 

What is it that I crave in every small moment of each new day? How can I be boundless and bound to nothing but my intentions, which are to love.  I'd rather rise with the sun, follow trails that lead to views I didn't imagine existed before, and jump head-first into challenging love to be present in all things around me. I'd like to move in clothing that feels like poetry throughout my home, my succulent garden, my sidewalk stroll. I want to feel and wear everything or
nothing. To unwind and undo my shoe-
laces. To take off the bra I didn't want to wear in the first place and be still on a rooftop.
To really run-away when the city gets a little too loud, when all I want to do is hear his voice and protect our magic. 
Last week, around noon. When I’d made a smoothie and listened to jazz on the roof. Weekday headaches but it felt like summer, so I didn’t mind. When I wore my sneakers for one full week and didn’t change out of my blue jeans, once. I remembered what feeling-so-free really felt like.
So comfortable in my footing. Blocks that once felt like quicksand, became easier to walk along. Did it start with jazz and new sneakers?
I’d say so. Running free does come with a price and it just might start with your shoes,
after all.

Shot by Phil Sullivan. Sponsored by PUMA Featuring The Vikky Platform by PUMA

This post brought to you by PUMA and DSW.

Hot Sauce

Lately, I've been injecting a lot of love into my life.

It hasn't been easy, in fact, it's been intense, and sometimes unexpected. Messy in ways I couldn't have even imagined. Things fall apart, so you can mend your life back together again. Grasp your intentions and bring them in toward your heart's-center.

Put love in someone's hands and tell them to taste it.

Give it one more chance.

When things get too intimate, too close for what we feel we deserve, we retract. Falling into ourselves, reducing our power by shying away from the light. I've

tried every day, to stay close to whatever it is that fules me. Like writing until daybreak,

sitting at my desk, dimming all the lights, and feeling inspired for the first time in far too long. Spending my Friday night making hot sauce and tiny renovations around my tiny home. Realizing that somewhere between this city's shuffle and sometimes it's lies is a place I can call my own.

Home and heart, connected.

What good would we become, if we were to always turn cold-shoulder to ourselves and the lives we're meant to be living.

You've got the light. Where'd your love go?

 Photos by Phil Sullivan Wearing White Crow Featuring illumination thanks to GE C-Life and Sleep 
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