Saturday, February 28, 2015

Getting Ready for My Friday Night

Whenever I buy a brand new pair of shoes, I stop, drop, and roll to get them on my feet immediately. 

I can give you an explicit rundown of all the shoes I own, tell you what my first pair of heels made me feel like, and remember how tough I thought I was the year I strictly wore combat boots.

I have shoes I don't wear, but keep for good measure, others I wear like a second skin. 
my first pair of grey suede Christian Louboutin booties that I bought, for myself, using money from my very first big-girl paycheck after I graduated College. Ask me how I still feel whenever I put these nearly pristine booties on today. Empowered, independent, like a bad-bitch who makes her own money, and makes no apologies.

My borderline, call-for-help, shoe obsession, is entirely my mother's fault.
wouldn't have it any other way. 

As a young girl,
 I quickly realized
the magic
of dressing from the shoe up.

And, for a girl who standardly wears all-black, playing around with my shoes, has always been my secret weapon for a little unexpected edge. A pink shoe? Don't mind if I do. Sneakers one day, platforms like Gene Simmons the next. Also, not to mention, my real modus operandi; my stilettos. 
When it's time,
to get ready for a night out with the girls
go on a hot date with prince charming himself,
my first question is always, "What shoes should I wear?"

I think I've found the perfect answer to all getting-ready-for-a-wild-Friday-night woes.

Check out all my must-haves for a night out!

Heels you can dance all night in, a clutch that fits everything you'll need to stay out until dawn, and some lipstick you just shouldn't be living without.

Wearing: Dolce Vita - Henlie Heels

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg

Friday, February 20, 2015


A few days ago, Lauren, Stacey, and I hit the streets of Soho running. 

Right at the start of fashion week and decked in our favorite winter-wear thanks to ASOS, it was nice to spend a day-to-be-free with friends, checking out some New Arrivals, with a little time to breathe - maybe have a margarita or few - and catch up without any agenda but to spend some time.

I've got to give it up to my favorite girls for still knowing how to keep it fresh to death all winter long; still braving the season in crop tops, sheer layers, and well, my Canadian Tux. 

Surviving NYFW in the midst of winter seems to be all about the layers, 

or wait
is it about 
our bags?

Like a little flask of whiskey.

does it all end 
keeping the goodness around you, living so fast, laughing so much that you 
don't even feel 
the cold.

Shot by Scott Brasher / Keep up with Scott on Instagram!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NYFW: Back(pack) it Up

Considering this a chilly city, is a complete understatement. And, the only way to stay warm, sane, and equally fashion-week-ready, is to pile on all the layers, bundle up under outwear that feels more like blankets, and never mind the idea of minimalism; wear all the hats, scarves, and (iPhone friendly) gloves your heart desires. 

Yes, it's true, 
most days 
I'd rather stay home, 
snuggled up with 
a good 
and a 

But, most days, I'm running around, running late, and without a lot of time; content as ever to be hibernating under all the oversized layers, romping around with my backpack, hiding under a hat.
Wearing: BDG Shirtdress, BCBGeneration Sweater, ASOS Coat, Express Scarf, Missguided Boots, Brahmin Bag.

Photos by Lauren

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NYFW: Winter White >

Winter White may not seem like a great feat, but for this all-black-everything wearing, New Yorker, it is. On the record: the idea of wearing white during Winter being passé, is in itself, so passé.  So, take some notes from J.Lo, hello.

Perfect love affair, prince charming, a Ralph Fiennes to 
chase you down the entire west side of central park;
not included.
Trust me, 
if it all came down to the perfect outfit 
leading you to the perfect
I would let you know.

In the meantime,
I stand by the fact that turtlenecks are sexy and am completely taken by all the winter whites I can snatch. 

And, when getting ready for another day of shows, the main question all revolves around how many layers I can wear at once with a side-dish of how inspired I've already been by looks on the runway. 

White, Black and Leather forever at Rebecca Minkoff. And some more winter neutrals, I'd like to cocoon myself in, spotted at Parkchoonmoo.
Wearing: ASOS Coat and Bag, Missguided Dress and Boots.
Photos by Lauren

Friday, February 13, 2015

New York Fashion Week: Day 1

Some snaps from yesterday at the tents, between running around to shows with Lauren and Stacey. Another season, another chance for high-energy inspiration, long days that turn into very late nights, collections, creativity, conversation, the after-after party.

New York Fashion Week

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Promise you won't judge.
Wearing: Pink Tartan Turtleneck and Coat, Rebecca Minkoff Moto Jacket, ASOS Jeans and Heels, Brahmin Bag.

Photos by Lauren Gould

Friday, February 6, 2015

Neighborhood Knit

I've already spilled it all about my love for My Moto and how it's served as armor for all my twenties. What I withheld were all the times that it, de facto, did serve as actual armor. A little like it is today. 

You know, through it all, 
my Brooklyn life, 
and each year 
I've chosen
 to stay
 in this crazy (very little) city, 
I've gone through some highs, lows, and middle grounds that I sometimes don't talk about on here because after all, being a public diarist isn't the intention, but honesty and being fearless is, so..

It's less about the clothes, more about how they make you feel. Less about fashion, more about the foreplay that surrounds it. And, it's never been just about outfits, it has always been about experience.

 Being a tough girl isn't all about the jacket, but it definitely works some magic. Don't you think?
Is it 
really just
all about 
Wearing: Lulu's Dress, Vintage Jacket (try these!), Urban Outfitters Hat, Missguided Shoes.

 Photos by Spencer Kohn

Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Moto

If I could live and die in denim and moto leather, I would. 

There's no substitute for my moto-jacket. It's travelled with me cross-country, 
upstate when we had cabin fever, 
to LA; 
the time I got hypnotized by 
all the bright lights 
and thought, for a moment, 
that they all belonged to me.  

was my security blanket through most of my twenties and served as armor for most of that time, as well.  This week has really got me thinking about getting down to the bones of it all; getting rid of what's too much to carry or what I no longer really need to hang on to. Sifting through my wardrobe, on one hand in awe - "I can't believe I wore that!" - and on the other hand, completely ready to refresh. All this to say, some things that stay - like my personally infamous leather jacket - must really belong there, or else, well, I guess they turn to...denim.

Paired with bold statements and stilettos for fashion week, worn with flannels, messy curls, and no make-up to Home Depot on weekends. 

If our clothes could talk. What secrets they'd hold, what stories they'd tell.
Wearing: H&M Sweater, Vintaget Jacket (try this!), Urban Outfitters Jeans, Vagabond Boots.

Photos by Stacey Belko 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Brooklyn Snow-Day

Some snaps from our recent snow day, when all of us hibernated and formed an unofficial freelancers union inside my little kitchen-cafe. The layers were no joke people, neither was Spencer's spiked hot chocolate. Conversations that really left me thinking, poems by Laura, the idea to wallpaper our living room in velvet, Stacey making sure none of us were without enough whiskey- 
The realization that my love for the people in my life is
- con afecto -
Mad Real.

Any time it snows in Brooklyn, it's insta-nostalgia for me. Something about snowfall that gets me insta-sappy too. Maybe it's because we're forced to slow down, stay in, keep warm; I guess being still - thanks to the snow - really makes you 
Down Close
Your Soul and
Listen Hard.

Photos by Spencer Kohn

Monday, February 2, 2015

Not His Oxford

Same shi(r)t, different day.

I don't usually step outside pants-less. Although I've thought about it on the spontaneous occasion, little has made me want to actually run outside without my jeans, at least. Now, wearing the kilt military style, is an entirely different story. Side-note: I don't know what it is, but lately I just keep telling one bad joke after another.  Spend a little time cooped up inside because of all the snow and instead of being able to (live) journal and 'write from within', as I'm told, all I can muster up is a bad pun here and a half-joke there. 

Anywho, back to the clothes! What brought this jeans wearing, Tobias Funke careened (see, I told you!), girl to leave her apartment sans high-waisted denim (shorts)? First, this oxford shirtdress, the perfect solution to all the "What Do I Wear Today" Q's, and in my opinion, the sexiest way to play around with menswear. 

It's not his oxford, but you wear it so well. 
Kind of like, 

And, let's keep it real fancy - The boots, made for walking (did it again!), play the most important role in bringing any shirtdress, mini-skirt, wait-where-did-my-pants-actually-go look, together. In my defense, these boots kind of feel like pants, so until I realize they're not, I'll be wearing them every day. 

Now, I'm going to drop the mic on this blog post, because I think I've had too much coffee and know I'll begin to babble on forever. 

Happy Monday, y'all! 
Hope you brave the day as if you had no pants on. 

Wearing: Missguided Coat and Boots, Urban Outfitters Shirtdress (try these!), Vintage Chanel (try this!), Olive and Pique Hat.

Grand Street. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 2.2.15
Photos by Spencer Kohn

Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter White

Writing this to you while snowed in at home in BK and eating up every minute of having the excuse to snuggle up, eat junk food, have a movie marathon with the girls, get all the writing done, and wear my Mario Badescu face mask as disguise.

Snapped these with my best, Spence, while hanging out in our hood a couple days ago. In my attempt to stay tried and true to my resolutions of living outside my comfort zone, trying new things, and overall channeling JLO (hello!) any chance I can get, have decided that Winter White is the ultimate hell yes.

For a girl who only wore all black for years, the concept of "Winter White" is really nouveau for me and I feel pretty frisky - I know, I know, rebellion is just in my nature.
Wearing: Urban Outfitters Shirt, Lulu's Coat, BDG Denim (try these!), French Connection Boots.

Photos by Spencer Kohn