Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Big Chill

Sometimes, when you least expect it, a big chill comes and swoops you right off your feet.

The city, lately, has been windy and full of change. And, if there's something I've learned living here for this long, it's that a girl should always be prepared to brace the cold without having to sacrifice her cool

Some time last week, I spent the afternoon with an old friend, retracing the steps that lead us to the city. I'd been feeling a little melancholy or like suddenly the blocks were all turning to quicksand. So fast, so many moving parts. I swear I blinked and everything changed. At dinner, between merlot's and a shared Croque Monsieur, I found myself referring to living in Brooklyn as being "a lot like having a love-hate relationship". Then, it dawned on me. 

Even when I'm on the subway to midtown, I find ample ways to stay distracted. You would be surprised the amount of service you can find underground, if you just hold your phone high enough! On-the-go, sometimes doesn't feel as fun as it sounds. 
It would be nice to find a small place to cuddle inside, to keep warm, feel spoiled.  
So, until I find the perfect winter nest to hide inside, I'll start with a little something, like this coat, to keep me happy but most importantly, warm. 

I guess, sometimes, a cozy coat to bundle inside, is step one. 
Wearing Duvetica Coat, Sweater (try this!), Skirt, Sneakers.

Monday, November 16, 2015

You'll Always Be My Boo(t)

Why try to change me now?

Denim, leather, repeat, has always been my uniform. Add a tough girl boot or biker jacket and I don't really need much else. I guess, a lot like in life, if you know what it is that you love
the most, then you don't need many things. So, I stay on the fringe through all seasons, and keep a boot on, no matter what. After all, a girl needs to be prepared to take a few falls, stomp the block after midnight, or run home, as needed. The city and it's paces, aren't so forgiving. And walking fast towards home, his apartment, or the subway is where most days begin. So, as I learn to walk a little
stand somewhat taller, and casually strut - more like jog - to the L train, I keep in mind that good boot is hard to find.

am I happy to slide into these!
Wearing Dress, Jacket (try this!), Boots (try these!).

Photos by Landon

Thursday, November 12, 2015


It feels like just yesterday I was rolling around on the beach, wet-hair-don't-care. And, although I only really feel alive under the sun, colorful, and free, the Fall speaks to me, too. 
Now, I daydream in technicolor of a different kind. Ready for the season ahead, to bundle, to boot around
Readying to go home for the holiday's can be something else and feel a little like piecing it all together. Between unexpected run-in's from high school's past, and all the family time and leftovers you can stand, this time of year is filled with so many things. Have you been to a strip mall in the suburbs this time of year? Or, did you ever run into your high school crush at the mall, 10 years later? Let's really talk about that one.
All I know, is that a girl needs to nail the holiday's with a few things. It starts with
and always ends with some sentiments that are a little sweeter than that.

Head to ASOS now 
for more on what my Thanksgiving might look like!

Wearing CoatTopSkirtPantsRingBoots or Try These.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Wood

I've officially worn these clogs down to the bone. I even started wearing them with socks.
Clogs with socks, people! A whole new me.

 I can't stand fuss and am probably running late, so I've always been a blue jeans-and-a-tee kinda gal. Like a second skin, denim just feels good. And there's nothing like getting ahold of a really good pair of jeans to make your butt look like an apple-bottom - hey

Wearing Vest, Top and Denim, Clogs (how about these!), Cuff.

Photos by Christina

Thursday, November 5, 2015

I'm Falling In

I've had time to think it through, to really consider the change. And, what I've decided to journal, is that there is absolutely no way I am going to make it through the season without a few of my favorite things.
Fall favorites, like layers you can cuddle inside. Hot chocolate; dark, warm, satisfying. A good book and some fresh lip gloss to tote around. Boots to kick some ass in. And, arguably, the most important fall must-have of all; keeping it 
I'm cards on the table, I am spilled milk.
Besides my usual autumnal anxieties; trying to begin again, make to-do lists until I face-plant into them. I'd say things are really off to a great start. So, what the bell? I'm falling in.

Wearing  Try this Sweater, Jacket, Scarf, Jeans

Friday, October 30, 2015

New Layers

It's no secret, that

 And, in keeping with the idea of bracing myself for a chilly winter, I'm still slowly getting used to the idea of adding new layers to my wardrobe. No two ways about it, when I'm sun-kissed and can slide into something silky, throw on some slides, shades, and a little lip-gloss, I am the happiest. 
So, when the winter comes,
I want to curl into a ball, in his sweats and my sweater; lovers, undercover(s).
But, a girls gotta do, what she's got to do. Time to trade in my crop-tops for a pullover, lace up my boots and hit the block running.

Something tells me, I'll still just want to snuggle in those sweats. Except, this time, I have a new favorite sweater.

Wearing Coach Sweater, BB Dakota Dress, Zara Coat (maybe, this instead!) Timberland Boots.

Photos by Christina

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

First Taste of Fall

If there's one thing that's constant, it's been change. In a flash, big dreams turn into small hopes, if you let them. Bad ideas seem practical. Good ideas only come to you at 3am. And, in this city, it's possible, as I know, to lose keys, a phone (or two), your mind, and love. Find them all, again. And again. To finally find, the balance. Some things I know for sure. Like, to choose love not fear. Remember to wash your face before bed. Don't sacrifice your style or sanity to fit in. It's just never worth it.  

Always say yes to jeans-and-a-tee

it's the ultimate cool. Something about denim that makes me feel some type of way. Just like rice and beans are what my bones are made of. 
And, if there's something else I know for sure, it's that I'm never totally ready for a new season. Especially when I've just gotten used to the old one. On and on, whether or not I'm happy to let go of my crop-top/overall combo's, and even though I'm troubled at the thought of packing away our very last swimmies, I'm feeling cheeky and curious to feel something new. 

To try on 
your favorite jeans for Fall - oh yeah, they still fit! Wear his 
new flannel home, because it's cold and you always forget to pack an extra layer. Maybe, this time, you forgot it on purpose. Home again. Records stacked here.
Journals, over there. The books we've been meaning to read, as coasters for the spiked-Oolong's, I've made. It's been time to cut out caffeine, but a little spice does the body good. Just like home-cooked meals do, too. Last night's pizza party, really got carried away. So, Sunday's are meant for sleeping in  and waking up only to grab the paper, a coffee, and have a - very, tiny - bite
of bacon

Fall, fingers-crossed. Handkerchiefs crossed, too.

Wearing Topshop Blouse, Nasty Gal Flares (try these!), Old Navy Hat.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall(ing) For It

Back to black, to my roots, to Brooklyn.

What I haven't been able to shake, is the idea that summer is gone and I can't seem to get a hold of a leather jacket that's tough enough to shelter me. When I think of Fall, there are a few must-have's that come to mind. Is there a way to dress in head-to-toe suede, all the time? Or, should I wildly splurge on another pair of these? How much cropped denim does one girl really need. High-
rise, sun-rise. Pumpkin spice, nutella on toast, apple pie (just on Sundays).  
We crossword(s) by the fire. This time we write faintly, in pencil, which we swore we'd never do. If you're going to do a crossword, you might as well write with conviction. At least, 
that's what my college boyfriend used to say. After a day of skipping rocks and getting lost somewhere new, I realize how ready I am for a new season. For Fall, to really sweep me away. My windows, at home, are wide-open and the sun doesn't set until 6:07, pm.

“I believe in movement. I believe in that lighthearted balloon, the world. I believe in midnight and the hour of noon. But what else do I believe in? Sometimes everything. Sometimes nothing. It fluctuates like light flitting over a pond."

Patti SmithM Train
Wearing: Missguided Sweater, Century 21 Pants, Timberland Boots.

Monday, October 19, 2015

You've got it, Plaid.

Returning to the city, after spending not enough time in Mexico, has been a 
doozy, to say the least. There we were, my entire family. Under the sun, together, in paradise. And, sometimes, coming back home to your schedule or the apartment you left a mess in your mad dash to the airport, isn't the most reassuring of feelings. I've been feeling a little asymmetrical, lately. Is it my work schedule that's top-heavy? How can I spend more time Facetiming my family in Florida? And, most particularly, when will I learn to take my own advice

I ate bacon for an entire week and drank tequila at noon. Wore clogs with my bikini and didn't think twice about letting the curls loose. To meet again, my small sense of adventure and other things I've been lusting after. Of the various things travel or being with family can bring you, it's the knowing that in the seams of it all; there is real love and enough laughter to really make your cheeks hurt. All you need to do, is

take your time, slow it down, look around you. 
Wearing BB Dakota Dress, ASOS Jacket (try this!), Joe Fresh Sneakers.

Photos by Christina

Monday, October 5, 2015

One For The Road

When it comes down to it, what we crave most, is adventure
I'm not exactly sure when my wanting for wanderlust began, but I've picked it up again, and damn! does a girls mood change when she learns to feel
free. A lot like how life seems to burst inside you when you just start saying, yes. To adventure, to risk, to challenge. A girl like me, understands that running free, however, comes with a high price. It starts with knowing that good 
can be hard to find, but is always worth the
investment. And, a
knows deep down that there is no substitute for adventure. Or experience. After all, why turn down that nightcap? Or, resist staying up all night and laughing at nothing or everything. Doesn't watching the sunrise from his roof, sound like a memory you'd want to bank? 

I don't know if there is any better feeling than the rush of excitement when we leave home to chase that experience, a wild dream, or dream guy. Maybe it's setting out to find 
your very own, 
dream apartment. With really big 
closets for all the shoes. Really big windows, too. So you can wake up to all the light
and love
a girl can stand.

Time to really crack life open, am I right?

Truly Madly Deeply T-Shirt, Topshop Overalls, Timberland Jacket, SOREL Boots.
Timberland Jacket, Zara Jeans, SOREL Boots. 

Photos by Christina 

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Modern Trail

The Fall, reminds me of so many things. Riding bicycles in Fresh Meadow's and only stopping for ice cream or to split a small bite and steal a moment under the sun.  Going home to my mom's, driving around the suburbs, and realizing how beautiful it all really is. Growing up, I guess I never stopped running around - or riding in cars with boys - to really look up and notice how many trees lined our street, or how there are "like, actually, so many pretty flowers in the backyard, ma." - Insert 'selfie' - The Fall,
feels like
going home again to find that nothing has changed, except maybe you. Maybe now, you're a season wiser and find that happiness starts by looking up, 
counting all the trees, chasing the sun, and still finding a little time to ride in cars with boys, too.  
means taking the long way home, with just a hot tea and the flannel he put around your shoulders to keep you warm. If summer is sweet, then what could we call this?  New seasons beg for change, but as we store away our crop tops, cheeky shorts, and jellie flatforms, we find ourselves hungering to hold onto the freedom, the spirit of adventure, and wanderlust that summer shows us. 
knows that running free,
any time of year, 
in all seasons, and against all millennial odds;
starts with the shoe and ends with a tough girl jacket. 
A jacket you can throw over your shoulders and shout, "I'm out", as you hit the block running in these. Braving a new season and a little cold is exciting if you stay ready for everyday spontaneity. Maybe, today I'll walk home instead of take the subway. Experience something new, eat fresh, think
And just say yes to the date, the adventure, the long walk, new job, new haircut. Whatever I decide, it's probably best I stay ready; slip into a little denim, grab my leather jacket, and roll out. What's your Modern Trail story sound like? If you're a city dwelling, seeker of adventure, then you've stumbled upon something.
Let's Explore!
Wearing Timberland Jacket, Denim, and Boots.

Photos by Cheralee