Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sailor Moon

A love note from my most recent weekend in Montauk with Lauren and Cheralee.

It's always the best feeling to run away from the city for a little, pack a bag of unmatched clothes, not think too much about emails, and just ride the wave. Even if it is just a few nights here and there, pressing unwind is only the most vital to surviving all the woes. 

A weekend getaway with your girlfriends, to chat about nothing and everything, drink a little, dance a lot, experience things you'd rather not mention, is just what every girl needs to get it together and remember what life and friendship is all about.

To the wire, a best gal will always have your back. Let's say, there's some humidity and your curly hair literally becomes the size of Montauk, she will offer you her hat. Maybe you don't think he'll text you, she'll remind you that you are a babe and he'd be drinking some fool-aid not to. When you need a good laugh, they're there for you. When you're feeling yourself, dancing like Yonce, they're right there beside you, shaking their asses too. When you tell them you can't believe you did that, but can't hardly wait to do it again. . .

They say,
"Me, too".

Cheers to good girlfriends, to getting away, and pretending like the sea can actually wash away your hangover.
Wearing: Missguided Top, ASOS Denim, Kelsi Dagger Shoes, Lauren's Hat.

Photos by Lauren Gould

Monday, May 18, 2015

Skipping Stones

Sometimes I feel a little like the city has done me over, overwhelmed me for the last. Feeling all feisty and calling everyone I know to say, "I'm moving outta this place" or, my personal favorite, "you'll never believe what I just saw happen on the subway".  I swear all around that I'll move because the rent is too high and I can't stand to see one more indecent exposure on the F train after dark.

Days like;

You're rushing to work, because you've overslept. It's the middle of the work week but Friday feels like a day that will just never come. Exhausted, you run out of your apartment; hair still wet, eyebrows uneven, "where the hell did I put my phone" style. You've stayed up all night, maybe cranking out the deadline you've been avoiding, maybe arguing with your betrothed, or is it that you drank a little too much of the fool-aid, Tuesday turn-up style? Either way, all you know is that, you're in a rush, late for the 9am meeting, and. . .

The L train is down.

It's almost like the subway stopped working, just for you. You run to catch a cab and spill your iced chai latte all over yourself. Another Wednesday, gone awry. You missed the deadline even though you stayed up all night writing, your betrothed calls and says he wants to move out, you're hungover and "just can't even". The strap on your shoe breaks, now you need to wear flip flops in the rain. Why the fuck do days like these need to happen?

without them, we wouldn't be able to experience days like these.
Like this one, right here, that I get to share with you and can look back on years later to say to myself, "Damn, I really did live a little or a lot".

It's the next morning and you wake up early, feeling brand new.
The sun is shining, the hills are alive, you're skipping to the L train, and it's waiting just for you.
Your boss calls you in, they've read your article; you're not the resident how-to girl anymore. They want to give you a raise.
Your lover calls, he wants you back, if you're a bird, I'm a bird.
And the shoes? Well, you already have enough of those.

Take some time, slow it down, look around you.

Wearing Frankies Bikinis Poppys One Piece from Urban Outfitters / Allison Collection Kimono and Shorts / Kelsi Dagger Sandals.

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Reginald Raphael

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wild Child Full of Grace

Getting real about finding time to soak in all the sun and all the quiet moments that come along with it;
remembering how good it feels to go on adventures together. Sometimes hand-in-hand, sometimes running free, alone to catch the sunrise. Lay beside the waves, under the lights; away from the city, from it all.
To howl at the moon, Ya-Ya!
drink beers by the fire.
We nap under stars, get lost in them and are reminded of how limitless we really are. Outside, no city lights block our view and our phones are off or lost somewhere beneath all the sleeping bags and overpacked backpacks. There is absolutely 


at the lake house. So, we spill secrets and tell jokes we can't fully remember, laugh at memories we wish we could forget. When you speak, I can really hear you. Someone's reading poetry, someone plays a record. We all listen to the same song one-hundred times; slow dance to it too. 
Come on, come on, now touch me, babe. . . 
A bottle of wine, we share a little, we share a lot.

... a full moon shimmered over central Louisiana. 
This was no rinky-dink moon. 
This was a moon you had to curtsy to. 
A big, heavy, mysterious, beautiful, bossy moon. 
The kind you want to serve things to on a silver platter.

Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Wearing Pitusa Braided Inca Cover Up from Urban Outfitters / 6 Shore Road by Pooja x UO Bikini Top and Bottom / Kelsi Dagger Sandals

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Reginald Raphael

Monday, May 11, 2015

Bodega Juice

I love Brooklyn, for so many reasons; but running to the corner store, at any hour and for anything, is really so much apart of my daily routine. Every neighborhood has it's small charms. Mine include the local coffee, cheese, and noodle shops. Also, some bars with backyards never hurt. But, the tried and true Brooklyn experience, begins with coffee's for $1 and ends with sandwiches after midnight at the secret spot. If the walls of my corner Bodega could talk, I don't even want to know what they'd have to say. 

Am I right?
Wearing Shop Priceless Top, Urban Outfitters Jeans, ASOS heels, Nasty Gal Hat.

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg

Friday, May 8, 2015

Walk the Line

“I wore black because I liked it. I still do, and wearing it still means something to me. It's still my symbol of rebellion -- against a stagnant status quo, against our hypocritical houses of God, against people whose minds are closed to others' ideas.”  
Johnny Cash

The same man who said this, also said that all your life, you will be faced with a choice. You can choose love or hate. And, the man in black, said he would always choose love. I like to think that I've tried to do this throughout my life. Loving hard, dreaming without limits, living without the fear of falling, isn't always easy and it's not usually what you plan for. But I don't think I can remember a time when I didn't just want to follow every bit of happiness, no matter what it took me through to get there, or how much time passed until I found it. Happiness, like all perspective, is relative. Without saying, what makes me happy, might not make you feel the same way. You might think that doing yoga and reading Anne Sexton all day, is crazy. It's my favorite way to spend a Sunday.
But then there are the little things, the
small findings, intimacy, soul-to-soul, 'yes, I did that', 'yes, I did that with him', moments.
The moments so small you need to close your eyes tightly to remember them,
and when you do, your memory is selective because ultimately, only the good things really matter
and only the good things really stay.
On your mind, in your heart, with you no matter how far you run from them. Stay present, but also stay ready.

Wearing: Nasty Gal Bodysuit and Hat, BDG Denim, Lulu's Shoes.

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

6 Shore Road by Pooja x UO

Isn't this the way every girl goes for a hike?

Just kidding,
I wouldn't be caught out here on a hike without my cover-up. . .
Today, after taking a motorcycle trip upstate, napping in the sun, running in it too, I felt like I could most probably do anything; hike in heels, fall into a pond and not get my hair wet.

Sometimes, all a girl needs to do, is learn how to simplify and let the sun handle the rest. Days away, where you feel safe enough to unplug, be quiet, and get down to the bones of it all, don't happen nearly enough. I can't remember the last time I left the city and it's anxieties, left my phone in a backpack and forgot about it, didn't know what time it was until the sun went down, didn't care what time it was either.

Whatever this feeling is, I want to take it with me.
Wearing 6 Shore Road by Pooja x UO Divine One Piece Suit

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Reginald Raphael

Monday, May 4, 2015

Only the Good Things

Change, whether we know it, ask for it, are ready for it or not,  is the only way to learn how to let go, to grow, to really love, and experience. Sometimes, the small moments, force us to remember exactly what it is that we're meant to be doing or in my case, makes me stop to realize what I should be grateful for. 

It's true that sometimes you need to go through things in order to get out of them. . . It's also true that you can't make everyone happy because you aren't a jar of Nutella. In either case, there should be no compromising, or denying, how fierce, how much a force we are when we just say yes to life's questions, say fuck off no to the pressure. The more I live, the more I know I have no idea what I'm doing half the time; if we knew what the years held, would we change our minds about how we spent the day? Would we call the guy, dance on the table, pay for the damn uber instead of take the train, buy the shoes because Yolo? Would we let ourselves be everything we dream?

I've had a few.
But who would I be to stay exactly the same all these years?

And, out of all the mistakes I've made in my twenties, 
I think a few I'd like to keep with me in a locket box; 
small treasures
that I wouldn't be this strong without.

Cheers to Monday being so fresh, to only the good things.

 And don't let the lip gloss fool you - we're tough. Who run the world?
Wearing: Tobi Dress and Flatforms, Topshop Denim. 

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday with Sandra Pargas

The only thing better than being cozy at home on a Sunday, is being cozy at home on a Sunday with your favorite boys, and consequentially, wearing a leotard like Yonce - woo!

I spent this time last week with Jorge and Landon, catching up at home, shooting around the hood,  living the Brooklyn dream, one french toast brunch at a time. It's no doubt that Sundays like these are what keep me here after all this time. The city can pull you back in, just like that, just when you thought it forgot about you.

don’t wish away 
your cracked past, your 
crooked toes, your problems
are papier mache puppets
you made or bought because the vendor
at the market was so compelling you just
had to have them. you had to have him.
and you did. and now you pull down 
the bridge between your houses,
you make him call before 
he visits, you take a lover
for granted, you take 
a lover who looks at you
like maybe you are magic.

Wearing Sandra Pargas Bodysuit and Maxi Dress

Photos by Jorge Concha

Friday, May 1, 2015

Chase the Sun

I've ranted about how much I survive off of the sun - I mean, we all do, but I'd quickly become a walking robot if I weren't able to catch a few rays and keep things in the light. All winter long, I felt as if I were running a marathon in the freezing cold, slush. Real talk: I'd rather spend the glacial winter months, in a log cabin, by the fire with a good book and a boo.  So, reasonably, I can't help but be excited about everything I'm too soon planning to do all Summer long. I'll take a heatwave, some freeze pops, and a (skinny) dip, over winter anytime. Something about waking up with the sun to do yoga, that has me feeling ready to chase it, 
the moon, 
the excitable gift.

beside trying to shining bright like a. . . all season long, I just plan on taking things one day at a time,  probably will spend most days trying to do everything you possibly can do in the city, outside; read, write, picnic, booze, cruise, repeat. It might sound ambitious - it is - but if there's a way to make every day in Brooklyn, at least feel like I'm living in the sunshine, all the time, then I'm in.

Wearing: Marine Layer T-Shirt, Vintage Jacket (try these!), Topshop Denim, Lulu's Shoes.

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg

Monday, April 27, 2015

Queens Cozy

Still recovering from some quiet time at home on Long Island. It always takes a little time to get back into the groove of the city, it's demands, the L train being down all weekend. . . 

What a tease the weather has been too! 

I feel like we've all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring, jumping at any chance to brunch or happy hour outside. And, the truth is, I might have prematurely worn a sundress with sneakers, but as I'd guess it to be. . . Ditching all the layers, just feels really good. Ordering an iced coffee and walking all the extra blocks, because the sun is shining, does too. Along with being able to read a book in the park when you're early for a meeting,
then there's feeling of being able to salute the sun, while it's actually shining. 

Snapped these while spending a Sunday at my grandma's in Queens over the weekend. Sundays, for me have always been reserved for family. Seems pretty traditional and old-school, I guess, but it's what's kept us so tight over the years and I have to say it's a favorite of mine. My mother, grew up here. We lived here before my mom moved us girls to Long Island. And, I spent every weekend as a child, going to church with Abba, chasing the ice cream truck down Parsons Blvd, and doing everything in between.

This is where I learned how to ride a bike, where I had my first crush on a teenage boy down the block, and where I've celebrated most birthdays. Sundays at Abba's have always grounded me, slapped me back into reality when needed. Literally, you cannot bullshit, Abba. She will politely tell you to shut up, then go about her business readying the table and making sure our entire family is fed, happy, and feeling at home.
Lilylovelock T-Shirt.

Friday, April 24, 2015


There's nothing quite like getting your top-knot or double bun right. And, thank god for me an unkempt top-knot is on trend, because I have virtually no idea how to do my hair, am overwhelmed most days by frizz, and don't want to fuss over getting most things - in my life - entirely perfect.

Messy hair is okay.
A messy day, is too.
A messy night,
that too.

It happens. A little imperfection does the soul some justice. So let it rock - unruly, unkempt, fly aways won't ruin your day. . . 

I've never dyed my hair, but between all the flat ironing, blow drying, and curling, it's nice to keep things natural, let the curls loose, live a little, and throw it all up in a bun when #ICantEven.

If my hair could talk, it would suggest, "Bitch, you have tried me for the last time." 

If your hair would say the same to you, it's probably time to stop all the (over)processing, step away from the straightener, and put down the hot tools.
Hair by L.Be at Authentic. Present. Brave

Monday, April 20, 2015


Recently, I spent some time at home, on Long Island, with my mom and sister, doing all the things I rarely get to do in Brooklyn, like sneak off to the beach late at night, stroll around Huntington village, go shoe shopping with my mom, argue with my sister about who gets to drive, yell over the car-radio to each other, "Are you hungry? I'm hungry", "OMG, you missed the turn, will you just let me drive".

If you've moved away from your childhood home, you can understand how weird it sometimes feels to get back into the groove of your family dynamic. Spending time at home, usually makes me realize that  life doesn't only happen when you're in it. My siblings are growing so fast I can barely keep up! My parents weekends are significantly busier than mine. My cousins are getting married.  But, once I get settled, it's always the best feeling to let my hair down, go for a run around the neighborhood, wake up to some yoga and a huge cup of iced coffee - seriously, the iced coffee proportions here are enormous and approximately half the price - and spend some QT with my family or with myself. I spent so much time alone, that I for the first time this year, wrote in my journal, - fine, I've been watching too much Bridget Jones - took a trip to my local bookstore with a FiveStarbucks chai in hand, and the best part of all. . . 
My phone
has been

Oh, what a feeling.

In fact, there are a lot of things about being home, that I'm only learning I really love and perhaps took for granted, like;
how bad-ass my mom is, seriously how did she do it working like a boss and raising us girls to be the same? Talk about a superwoman, I definitely know where I get my Tied to the Moon, kick the day's ass and take names later, attitude from. 
My sister, who, although younger than me is so much cooler, way fiercer, and even though she will never admit, is surprisingly sarcastic, with an impeccable quick-wit (just like her older sister, right Steph?). 
I'm also realizing, how essential little rituals at home mean to me. Mornings at the beach, coffee talk with best friends from high school, belting out some Alanis Morissette… too much?

Now, back to the grind. Back to my Brooklyn Fam

Monday's, don'tcha know.
Wearing: Madewell Jacket, Zara Denim, ASOS Heels.

Shot by Cheralee Lyle