Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter White

Writing this to you while snowed in at home in BK and eating up every minute of having the excuse to snuggle up, eat junk food, have a movie marathon with the girls, get all the writing done, and wear my Mario Badescu face mask as disguise.

Snapped these with my best, Spence, while hanging out in our hood a couple days ago. In my attempt to stay tried and true to my resolutions of living outside my comfort zone, trying new things, and overall channeling JLO (hello!) any chance I can get, have decided that Winter White is the ultimate hell yes.

For a girl who only wore all black for years, the concept of "Winter White" is really nouveau for me and I feel pretty frisky - I know, I know, rebellion is just in my nature.
Wearing: Urban Outfitters Shirt, Lulu's Coat, BDG Denim (try these!), French Connection Boots.

Photos by Spencer Kohn

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Duster Coat

Lately, I've been really feeling the idea of wearing anything that resembles pajamas, robes, slips, underwear as outerwear, and the like. You know, everything you're supposed to keep "under wraps", so to speak. Who says a slip dress should stay hidden all the time? Or a bustier, your robe, that lace bodysuit you only wear on special occasions. Well, guess what - everyday is a special occasion, and I think it's high time to let the lingerie flag fly.

If you are not yet ready to start layering your underwear as outerwear, duster coats are the perfect place to start. Aside from my recent "Turtlenecks are Sexy" rant, I also suggest that duster coats and robes are the same. Who knew? Being all covered up is, in fact, Betty-etiquette Number One.
Wearing: Mini Market Coat, Missguided Top, Urban Outfitters Jeans (try these!), French Connection Shoes, Kate Spade Saturday Satchel.

Photos by Spencer Kohn

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sweater Set

My version of a sweater set, has little to do with matching cardigans and much to do with wearing all the matching knitted co-ords and sets I can get my hands on.

I think there's something really classically Sexy-Betty about a matching set. This is also coming from the girl who just went on a rant about how turtlenecks have the ultimate sex appeal. I'm not sure what it is about the subtleties in life that always are the most powerfully provocative. I guess, less really is more? Power suits are such a turn on, right?  

And, lately, since I've spilled all my resolutions, told you about what the blog really means to me, and have basically kept it real-deal-holyfield, I guess, the next step is letting you know that this matching set has me feeling pretty ready to take on the day, the meeting, the date.

Bring it on Tuesday.

Wearing: Missguided Top, Skirt, and Coat. Shelly's London Boots, Urban Outfitters Hat.

Photos by Spencer Kohn

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ann Taylor

Earlier this season, I caught up with my friends at Ann Taylor and had the chance to spend the day playing dress up in some of their New Arrivals

First things first, this Snowy White Coat, is only the perfect addition to my budding outerwear collection. I've been on a winter white kick lately and have also been a little obsessed with mixing and matching, trying new things like bold prints and aiming to wear trousers better than the boys - hey!

As a twenty-something (emphasis on the something), living in the city, my saving grace, fashionably speaking, is learning how to properly mix and match. Layering; my mode of survival because it's freezing, has also become the fastest way to keep my looks fresh. And, most importantly, prevent me from always complaining that "I have nothing to wear". 

With your wardrobe, much like in life, you always have something to wear and I'd bet that whatever it is you're looking for is right in front of your face. Realizing all this - wardrobe, life epiphanies at their finest - it's been same shirt, different day vibes for me lately. Rocking that boyfriend oxford with jeans on the weekend, then layering it under a matching set for a work day the next! 

Peep some of my favorite snaps from the shoot 
SHOP all my looks Here.

 Layered up, mixed, matched and ready to take on the day!

Photos by Scott Furkay for Ann Taylor

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Going Green

Chilly city, is an understatement. 

Thanks to this cold bit, my usual neighborhood rompings have been limited to grocery store, liquor store, the occasional coffee run, and always to get a bagel. Other than that, it's been a whole lot of cozy time at home with hot toddy's (hehe), watching movies, and playing card games like Bullshit and other reasonably childish shenanigans that we can think of.

I guess what I'm getting at, is that when it's cold as fuck, all you can do is wear some version of a puffer jacket as armor and hope for the best. I don't know if I can yet commit to wearing said puffer off the slopes, but my take on this is an oversized, so warm I feel insulated, bubble-bomber jacket. I won't say on the record, that crop tops are the warmest during Winter, but what? It's a turtleneck, at least.

Shop some of my favorite Bomber Jackets below!

Wearing: ShopAkira Top, Sheinside Jacket (try this!), Urban Outfitters Jeans (try these!), Vagabond Booties.

Photos by Stacey Belko

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter White

I don't know what the protocol is for wearing white during Winter, but I've heard that it being taboo is so passé. Am I right?

OK - In all s e r i o u s n e s s, 
forget the thought of 'Winter White' -
wearing white pants is something completamente new for me. The total truth is, I'm just afraid I'll sit on something or - classic me - spill a glass of red all over myself. 

Hopefully by the time the wine hypothetically spills on my white pants, I'm tipsy enough 

Anywho, in sticking with my resolutions, I fully intend on being a conquistadora of Winter White, just as much as I plan to be fearless when it comes to other commitments like, oh, I don't know;

Going to yoga every day like I used to in High School (where the heck did my metabolism go?)

Eating healthy (because apparently wine and cheese isn't enough to live on)

Traveling like...

Crossing shit off my bucket list like….

Oh, también!
Laying down my heart and feeling the power. Can I get an Amen!

Wearing: Rebecca Minkoff Jacket, Mango Top, Urban Outfitters Bra Top, Zara Pants (try these!).

 Photos by Stacey Belko

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fade to Black

Well, y'all, this is my first (un)official post of the New Year! Outfits and fashion chatter aside, thank all of you for being so fucking awesome, so loyal, and so specifically - cool

Before the year ended, 
I chatted with my friends over at Rebecca Minkoff
about why I began the blog in the first place. 

I started to give my go-to response, something about being a fashion student and wanting a creative outlet. While this was all true, I stopped myself, as I've been (incredibly) nostalgic these days, and thought more about why I've kept it through the years. It's not anywhere near what it was meant to be, and thank God for that!  You probably don't know this, but the blog has seen me through College, a loft apartment with no windows, all the woes of a 20-something trying to make it, love and friendship; both lost and found, and that year I thought I was fly in Lita's - well, that part you knew.

So, with the turn of a New Year, I can't help but consider all it's taken to get to this point, to be so open with you, with myself, and to keep it "ONE-HUNDRED" both in regards to what I'm wearing and what I choose to share. Back to Basics, basically. Taking on the New Year, wearing my tried-and-true uniform, 'the real me' #ootd
Wearing: Urban Outfitters Sweater and Boyfriend Jeans

Photos by Stacey Belko

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Keep it Real, New Years

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been. So many moving parts, so much nostalgia, all that there is to look forward to, all that I've left behind.

If I am to 'keep it real' here, I have to say that my favorite part of New Years, isn't all the planning or the partying (although I do love a disco and a drink or few, am I right?), so much as it is the resolution that comes with a brand-new-year. Without becoming a public diarist, a few of my New Years resolutions all resolve in doing whatever it takes to be happy and feel free. 

To Be.

And, with year end sentiments abounding, my daily goal is to be as cozy as possible, while rallying my resolutions and wrapping up last minute deadlines. Weeks like these, call for boyfriend, baggy, oversized everything I can get my hands on.

Enter: The precise outfit I've been wearing all week long. My closest friends and roommate can all vouch for this. Boyfriend Coat and Blanket Scarf on repeat. 

Want more Winter Style Inspiration? 

Check out my latest feature on Huffington Post & follow me on Instagram for my daily looks and random rompings. 
Wearing: ASOS Turtleneck, Missguided Boyfriend Coat, Joe Fresh Scarf, Urban Outfitters Jeans, Zara Booties.

Photos by Stacey

Monday, December 22, 2014

Best Gal's Gift Guide

Tis the season, 
to show all the love 
and do all the things 
you've been waiting for.

The more Holiday's I spend in the city, the busier we become, the more our lives evolve, the more sentimental I become about what it really means to spend this time with the ones you love; your family, your best, your beaux.

When it comes to life and relationships, the ones we cultivate with our best girlfriends, always prove to be the ones that matter the most. 

When you land the new job - the one that gives you a higher salary which immediately, for you, translates to more clothes and a new apartment, your BFF's, shop all weekend with you and help spruce up your new pad. All this, while refilling your mimosas. All this, while looking back and laughing at your first apartment, "The one without any windows or any closets".

When you fall in love or go through a break up. When you need a place to stay because your roommate is driving you crazy. When from one BFF to another, it's 3am, "Do you know where my wallet is?" or "It's midnight and he still hasn't called."

I celebrate my Besties this Holiday season, like no other. And, I can't think of a better way than to ring it in with Lauren, some hot toddy's, and a whole lot of Minkoff.

Check out my Bestie Gift Guide!
Minkoff Gift Guide

Photos by Spencer Kohn

Saturday, December 20, 2014


It's no secret that I love mixing and matching nearly everything. When it comes to how I live, it's always been a mix of sorts - vintage with modern, glam with grunge, down-home drinking a beer with the boys albeit worrying it'll mess up my Chanel red lipstick
while I shout
"…don't spill beer on this, it's Phillip Lim".

When I found out about Vinted, a mobile marketplace where you can sell, buy, and even swap preloved clothes, I spent hours searching for everything from vintage leather backpacks to oversized flannels, Beatle booties to the perfect boyfriend coat. All of which, I found. All of which made me realize that this new shopping experience just took my wardrobe up cycling obsession, to a whole new level. 

When it comes to life or with your wardrobe, 
being on the hunt to find a good deal, something you can really hang on to, can be pretty exciting. When it comes to shopping, my priorities are finding my favorite brands and paying less. Vinted, lets you personalize your shopping experience by using filters, like size, brand, condition, and more! And, with more than one million members, there are thousand of new items listed daily! 

The best part?

Sign up here
 $10 credit when you use 
the code 

Spend your weekend shopping away online, while drinking a mimosa, and wearing some fuzzy socks with rom-com's on fleek. Or wait, is that just what I'll be doing?
Wearing: Vinted Flannel and Backpack, Aritzia Jacket, Sneak Peek Jeans.

Vinted decided to give you $10 store credit when you sign up HERE using the code ERICA.

Photos by Alex