Friday, July 25, 2014

The Summer Set

In case you've missed it, I've been living out loud this Summer, in matching sets and co-ordinates like nobody's business! 

My summertime wardrobe turned out to exclusively revolve around sets that work just as well together, as they do apart. Sounds like a page from the nearest Chick lit, doesn't it. Sometimes clothes, like life, just work out that way. Things can be as thrilling apart, as they could be together. Hmm, maybe I've been reading too much Anna Quindlen.

Now, before this blog post begins to read like a diary entry, let's get back to the clothes, shall we?

Take note from Cher Horowitz (a co-ord-less closet? You must be buggin'..) or Solange ('tell me the truth boy', you love this matching short-suit, don't you?).  
Wearing: Missguided Top and Bottom. Wanted Sandals.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Play(suit) Time

Playsuit, romper, jumper - whatever you call it, it's a lifesaver. It never fails me; giving me a chic look that translates from day to night with essentially no effort. It's the definition of a blank canvas, morphing into the feel of your accessories. 

Apart from looks like this one for long days that turn into nights, one of my favorite go-tos is the playsuit. I mean, the name itself let's you know exactly what this bad boy is for. Running across town for errands, I can throw on some sweet kicks or chunky flatforms and panama hat. As soon as the night hits and the bar is calling, I slip into a sweet pair of mules or pumps with my never-fail moto and, voila, instant badass. 

So the next time you're playing all day, you know exactly what to grab for!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Black Dress

A note from the book of classics; LBD, Panama Hat.

A good Panama hat, goes the longest way. From last minute travels to LA or abroad, to summers in the city, beach days and everything in between. It always helps to have something to hide away from the sun, or shy away from crowded city sidewalks.

And, what kind of girl would I be without a LBD (or a few) in my closet? Considering that I wear black mostly all the time, I have more than my fair share of Little Black Dresses, skirts, sweaters, leather pants, the list goes on. Consequently, my LBD's, have never failed me. (First) Date nights, gallery openings on a Thursday night, and back at it on a Monday for a morning meeting.
Wearing: Black Swan Dress, H&M Hat (Similar)

Monday, July 21, 2014

What Goes Around Comes Around

Snaps from the weekend. Shifting around in a breezy dress on a Sunday, surviving on iced coffees (tea's just won't do after the night we had), and just taking some time to take it all in. A girl could get used to spending her days this way, all relaxed and with a book in my bag.

And, a little Sunday spontaneity, most naturally calls for simplicity in the form of casual shift dresses and Chanel bags. For me, a free-spirited day with an outfit to match, is all I need to get by. And, a bag that's the perfect size to fit my Love in the Time of Cholera, re-read in, is most excellent.
Wearing: Missguided Dress, Chanel Bag from WGACA, Wanted Sandals.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Don't Mesh With Me

Who doesn't love a little mesh every now and again?

I think that somewhere inside me, the Spice Girl loving, platform sneaker wearing, and tattoo choker obsessed, pre-teen, is loving the idea of being able to wear mesh everything. Insta-tough; a mesh addition in place of your ordinary basic, is a must. Without overdoing it, just pairing something unexpectedly edgy and a little risqué - mesh attack! - with some vintage denim, is just what my Brooklyn Saturday needed.
Dex Clothing Tank, Vintage Levi's (try these!), Steve Madden Shoes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Minimally Speaking

Sometimes, life gets a little messy. 

Not everything is cut and dry, easy to manage or figure out, and it's not supposed to be! My wardrobe usually explains a lot about how I feel or whatever it is I'm going through at the moment. Some moodier days call for tough leather jackets, ripped boyfriend jeans, and beat-up t-shirts; the kind you want to live in, wear on Sundays, on road trips, or just put on to make you feel better.

Other days, it's sundresses on repeat, for those moments when it's time to dial down the sass and be a little more flirty or "conservative".

And, every so often, it's nice to keep things clean, chic, minimal. Black and White, no layers, straightforward and to the point for the days when you just want to simplify and be easy. Brooklyn Summer means one thing, breathable linen skirts and a halter - no fuss.
Gentle Fawn Halter Top, Everly Clothing Skirt, Wanted Shoes (try these!).

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

One-piece Power

How many times am I allowed to talk about the weather in posts until you get sick of me? I'm sorry guys, I just can't help it! It's hot... as hell. 

All I want to do is jump in a beautiful body of water, off a dock or cliff, hair blowing in the wind, with one hand on my floppy hat and another holding an iced-coffee. Kidding (kind of). Seriously though, the summer is officially here and I've always considered the 4th the unofficial kick-off of beach, pool, and laying out days. 

For the next couple of months we get to rock bathing suits on the reg. I absolutely L O V E how well one-piece suits translate to a full day look. They are the fail-safe way to ensure you don't end up with a wrinkly tee and jorts thrown on to and from your sun-filled haven. Below are some of my faves for a stylish beachy look as you get from point A to point B, because in NY that can mean a plane, train, or automobile to your chosen body of water. And you never know who you may bump into en-route.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Friday Fashion

Last week, I travelled up to Newburgh, for a little R&R, some fresh air, and a whole lot of sippin' on Summer cocktails on the porch.

It's just the best to get out of a hot New York City, trade in crowded sidewalks for some wide open space. I hopped on the train, straight from my 'Summer Friday', a day of meetings with absolutely no time to change clothes. Sometimes, this type of rushed day, with it's lack of outfit changes (yet mysteriously never lacking it's caffeine), can have a girl feeling slightly over (or under) dressed for the occasion. 

My solution to busy days like these? A patterned slouch pant, a basic, and a simple two-strap. No fuss fashion, to take from the city to the burbs. The subway to the Metro-North. Quite literally, an outfit you can live in.
Wearing Rossmore Top, Kenneth Cole Pants, Mango Bag.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Graphically Speaking

I've always had a love-hate relationship with graphic tees. It's a fine line between corny and cool, and at some point I think we've all fallen victim to the less fortunate side of the trend. We're on the path to rekindling our love though, and graphic tees are again wooing me with their wit and simple words and pictures.

I'm not selfish, so I want you to fall in love too! Here's how:

1. Start with a cool graphic tee - aka keep away from anything too busy or bright. Think black & white, think minimal, think mostly a solid background. Here are some for starters:

2. Decide if you want to be ironic and dress it up, say for a girl's night out, or keep it casual for a day of errands. See below for ironic (a) or casual (b) bottom options:

(a) Ironic

(b) Casual

3. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Keep in mind is that just because you're wearing a graphic tee does NOT mean you're allowed to care any less about your outfit. Necklaces, sunglasses, rings, hats, heels, jackets, bags, etc - they all go! Pick one (or all) and lay it on baby:

4. BAM! You look great. Go ahead, go outside and show-off how cool you look.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Denim on Denim

When I'm stuck on what to wear - which, unfortunately, is way too often - I usually just denim tux it up.

I don't think there's anyone in the world, that would say denim and a t-shirt, wasn't cool. And, consequently, no one who should in their right minds attest the denim-on-denim outfit du jour. Feeling slightly like a watered down Madonna, this easy-living dressing begs for american pie, good old boys drinking whiskey and rye.. and all of those All-American, 4th of July, fun loving sentiments.
Wearing: Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Tank, Topshop Jeans (Similar Here), Zara Heels.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Katie Dean Jewelry

When I was little, I would spend hours playing dress up with my moms 80's style clip on pearl earrings a la madonna, and my grandma's 'vintage' accessories. Everything from novelty hair clips to brooches and fanc(a)y rings that my grandfather bought my grandma, Abba, for anniversaries and just because.

Over the years, I've collected accessories from both Abba and in my travels, flea market style. Some have come my way thanks to boyfriends (dun dun dun), and others from best friends, charm bracelet style. Each piece telling a story, marking a memory, serving as a reminder. 

My latest craze, consists of midi rings and hand chains. I don't know if I'd ever turn down a massive statement necklace - after all, the bigger the better?…. - but for day-to-day, I gravitate towards subtle, more delicate pieces. Details that are the perfect match for barely there summer tanks and short-shorts.
Featuring: Katie Dean Jewelry

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Floppy Hats and Sundresses

My most favorite Summertime go-to, a floppy hat, some shades, and a throw-on-and-go style dress!

Snapped these on my way to the LES to see my friend Spencer's film debut at the Bicycle Film Festival. It was kind of the most perfect weekend, starting with a trip upstate with my best to go strawberry picking and ending with the film festival. Drinks, too much food, and even a basketball game in between! And, as far as I'm concerned, sun filled, easy-living weekends like these call for easy dressing 101 tactics. Enter sundresses; your new old favorite Summertime must-have.
Wearing: SWELL Dress, Topshop Hat, Wanted Shoes, French Connection Bag.