Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Co-Ord Survival Guide

Wearing this co-ord as a separate and really feelin' my previous post's implication that matching sets should all be a part of a Girls' Survival Guide to Life in the City.  This Summer has been a bit of a tizzy to say the least, and sometimes it's nice to know that the mathematics behind getting dressed every morning, will never fail me. 

Whenever I go through a lot of life changes, I consider a few things; What is it that I really wish to keep or surround myself with (clothing hugely included in this feat!), and how can I create considerable change and be happy the fastest. 

A speedball approach to survival, I know, but it applies to even the littlest motives, such as; When problems with your beaux ensue, DIY-style apartment projects and a closet re-organization seems to do the trick to insta-happiess. Or, when suffering from creativity and writer's block, having a Henna party with your best friend will probably spark up some creative vision. If there's anything to be said for the aforementioned Survival Guide, it's that getting through the chaos, relies on learning how-to simplify. And that, my friends, begins with your wardrobe. So, this girl, is getting Back to Basics, one single cropped top and high-waisted pair of jeans at a time.
Wearing: AX Paris Top, Zara Jeans (try these!)


  1. That top is so fab. Love this look.

  2. Great look! You look fabulous in these jeans and this cute top!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  3. back to basics seems to be the way to go for you look fantastic!

  4. Stunning. xx

  5. Just found your blog today through Lookbook! Absolutely love your style

  6. loving the timeless vibes of your outfit. so vintage, but also so now :)