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Getting Ready for My Friday Night

Whenever I buy a brand new pair of shoes, I stop, drop, and roll to get them on my feet immediately. 

I can give you an explicit rundown of all the shoes I own, tell you what my first pair of heels made me feel like, and remember how tough I thought I was the year I strictly wore combat boots.

I have shoes I don't wear, but keep for good measure, others I wear like a second skin. 
my first pair of grey suede Christian Louboutin booties that I bought, for myself, using money from my very first big-girl paycheck after I graduated College. Ask me how I still feel whenever I put these nearly pristine booties on today. Empowered, independent, like a bad-bitch who makes her own money, and makes no apologies.

My borderline, call-for-help, shoe obsession, is entirely my mother's fault.
wouldn't have it any other way. 

As a young girl,
 I quickly realized
the magic
of dressing from the shoe up.

And, for a girl who standardly wears all-black, playing around with my shoes, has always been my secret weapon for a little unexpected edge. A pink shoe? Don't mind if I do. Sneakers one day, platforms like Gene Simmons the next. Also, not to mention, my real modus operandi; my stilettos. 
When it's time,
to get ready for a night out with the girls
go on a hot date with prince charming himself,
my first question is always, "What shoes should I wear?"

I think I've found the perfect answer to all getting-ready-for-a-wild-Friday-night woes.

Check out all my must-haves for a night out!

Heels you can dance all night in, a clutch that fits everything you'll need to stay out until dawn, and some lipstick you just shouldn't be living without.

Wearing: Dolce Vita - Henlie Heels

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Eric Vosburg


  1. Cool post :)

  2. Shoes shoes shoes.. You're definitely not alone with that best kind of obsession! Great list of all the must haves, they're completely true! Tho I envy you just a little bit for daring to choose stilettos for dancing, I still have some practice to do before that being an option! :D

  3. HA! I totally agree - first step, what shoes are we wearing, next step... everything else. Shoe choice is an easy way to express yourself without going too cray cray - and the best result: when someone says: "I love your shoes"

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  4. The shoes you wear in the picture are so beautiful. Love your fabulous post!


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