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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations

Destination: SXSW

I wait until the last minute to do everything.

In fact, as I write this post to you, I should probably have one foot out the door, coffee in had, ready to hail the first (green) cab I see.

But instead of checking my lipstick in the mirror before I head out for a day of (last minute) errands, I'm sitting here plotting my next escape from the city, googling weekend getaways, still watching one last episode of (something too embarrassing to mention) on Netflix, contemplating if I should just call it a day and grab some vino.

So, all things considered, I am usually running around before a flight. I've (allegedly) missed a flight before, always wait until the last minute to call a cab to the airport, and forget about packing - what is that?

Having a list of go-to travel essentials, really helps a girl like me keep things together.

In flight must-haves, for me include everything from a current read and a diary to some eye cream that will keep you looking alive even during the longest, earliest, most red-eye flight.

whenever I find myself on the run,
heading west
or this time
I always brace myself for a wild adventure.

Times I'd want to write home about, the space to be free, to let it all out.

Keep up with my trip to SXSW on Instagram and if I'm forgetting to fly with anything let me know?

Nine West - Espadrilles
Urban Outfitters -  Hat
Cosmetic Bag
Laura Mercier - Make Up Palette
Eye Lash Curler
Mario Badescu - Eye Cream
Lancome - Mascara
Brocato - Hair Spray
Vint and York - Sunglasses
Poems by Erin Lynn
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender


  1. I spy a Tecate rojo in the first picture. My kinda girl!


  2. Cool photos, have a nice trip and fun :)

  3. Beautiful collection of photos!
    I adore your blog!
    Tsui Chung

  4. Have fun in Austin and during SXSW! I love those shoes, they look so comfy. Anyway I put together a little Austin Travel Guide on the my blog go checkout if you are looking for places in the city top eat, drink and shop:



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