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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations

Wild Child Full of Grace

Getting real about finding time to soak in all the sun and all the quiet moments that come along with it;
remembering how good it feels to go on adventures together. Sometimes hand-in-hand, sometimes running free, alone to catch the sunrise. Lay beside the waves, under the lights; away from the city, from it all.
To howl at the moon, Ya-Ya!
drink beers by the fire.
We nap under stars, get lost in them and are reminded of how limitless we really are. Outside, no city lights block our view and our phones are off or lost somewhere beneath all the sleeping bags and overpacked backpacks. There is absolutely 


at the lake house. So, we spill secrets and tell jokes we can't fully remember, laugh at memories we wish we could forget. When you speak, I can really hear you. Someone's reading poetry, someone plays a record. We all listen to the same song one-hundred times; slow dance to it too. 
Come on, come on, now touch me, babe. . . 
A bottle of wine, we share a little, we share a lot.

... a full moon shimmered over central Louisiana. 
This was no rinky-dink moon. 
This was a moon you had to curtsy to. 
A big, heavy, mysterious, beautiful, bossy moon. 
The kind you want to serve things to on a silver platter.

Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Wearing Pitusa Braided Inca Cover Up from Urban Outfitters / 6 Shore Road by Pooja x UO Bikini Top and Bottom / Kelsi Dagger Sandals

Photographed by Spencer Kohn
Makeup by Reginald Raphael


  1. Great swimsuit! I love the zipper detail.

    Rachel |

  2. Beautiful post and beautiful photos! Love the backround and your clothes, your dress is gorgeous!


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