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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations

The Record

Kisses, too, tasted of iron
the year we lived in twilights. They tilted warily
like bags of groceries I'd carry up the stairs
to find you in boxers, the smell of coffee mixed with vinegar
from the bowl of pickle juice you soaked your fingers in
trying to hurry the callouses. We trafficked in the grief
of incompatible day and night, we stretched the hours
as best we could, but mostly we practiced 
a kind of starving, excruciating to recall
how hard we tried. I'd unpack the groceries
and tell you about the day, and after dinner
you'd pick out a tune on the guitar
(it was the year you apprenticed to the blues).
Before each nights shift, in uniform and socks,
you'd climb into bed and hold me until I fell asleep.
Then you would slip quietly out.
And when I dreamed, I glimpsed the gods in you,
I dreamt you were Hephaestus with the iron forge,
the sweat covering you when you jogged home
was holy, it was the sweat of the whole city,
even the roses, even the bus exhaust.
The mind circles back like a record spinning,
a little molten, a little wobbly, a record
shiny as your black hair, a record player
crackling and stuttering over a scratch, an urge
to ask forgiveness even though it's dark now
and you've already forgiven me.

The Record by Jennifer Grotz

Photos by Landon McGregor on a Saturday Afternoon. Wearing Huxe Necklace / Topshop T-Shirt and Jeans / Superga Sneakers


  1. What a lovely record! Been playing it for years - never get enough.

  2. Gorgeous babe! Love your style!

  3. This outfit is timeless! so classic and pretty


  4. I like how you chose gold necklaces with the gray tee. Looks casual, with an elegant tone!

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