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Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations


(the Record)
The Fashion Philosophy, is 
personal style, beauty, and life(style) blog, 

written by 
Erica Lavelanet

(or as you might know me, @ericalave).

I'm a born 'n' raised, 
New Yorker 
and Wardrobe Stylist, currently chronicling this chapter, from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A chiquita who's always believed in the power of a Stiletto. Hey! A girl on-the-go knows that running free comes with a price and it always starts with her shoes. High on anything High-Waisted, you can find me somewhere between Girl-Meets-Grunge. In college, I exclusively wore all black and flat ironed my hair arguably, one-hundred times per day. Now, my life looks brighter and feels free. 
Between us, 
it started with letting the curls loose but it certainly didn't end there. It's possible, as I know, to lose keys, a phone (or two), your mind, and love. Find them all, again. And again. To finally find, the balance. Some things I know for sure. Like, to choose love not fear. Remember to wash your face before bed. Don't sacrifice your style or sanity to fit in. It's just never worth it.  
Always say yes to jeans-and-a-tee; 
it's the ultimate cool, something about denim that makes me feel some type of way. Just like rice and beans are what my bones are made of. If it's effortless, full of love, velvet, or leather, count me in.  If there's a growing pain to 
be had or a drink to spill, count me in, too. Yoga enthusiast with a more than occasional craving for…wanderlust. Speaking of lust, peep  what I've been eyeing to go on sale. I will never admit to being a shopaholic, so don't even try it. I'd consider myself an (un)official Wine and Stinky Cheese Connoisseur. Keep up with my 
(mis)adventures, romanticisms, and 3am's.  I have a lot. Just ask, him. 
Oh! And, remember. 
It's less about the outfits, more about 
the experience. Little to do with the clothes, more about how they make you feel. And, if you don't believe that it's always, all-ways, just about the feeling, then you're probably reading the wrong blog! Thanks for following my journey, you do rule.

Take some time, slow it down, look around you.
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